Ankr Earn distributes first batch of rewards for liquid crowdloans

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Franciska Kovacs

Jan 25 · 3 min read

If you have been with Ankr for a while, you know we are deeply committed to the Polkadot ecosystem, providing innovative solutions for developers and stakers alike. We are proud to be pioneers in the Polkadot ecosystem creating Kusama Liquid Crowdloans in September 2021 and Polkadot Liquid Crowdloans in November 2021. We enabled thousands of people to bond DOT in support of their favorite parachains in 2021 while providing a solution to solve the capital inefficiency of parachain slot auctions.

Hard work pays off! This week, our users can collect the first rewards for the winning parachains. Through the brand new Ankr Earn dashboard, you can claim the liquid crowdloan tokens that represent your bonded DOT. This will start with the Moonbeam project that will reward aDOTp-GLMR tokens to those who contributed. These tokens give users instant liquidity for their funds, maximizing the earning potential for their funds that would otherwise be locked up for 96 weeks.

Coming up next, those who supported the Acala parachain will be eligible to claim their liquid crowdloan tokens after January 25th.

How to Collect Moonbeam (GLMR) Rewards

Step 1: Head to the Polkadot crowdloans .

Step 2: Connect your Ethereum wallet and Polkadot wallet you used to participate in the crowdloans.


Step 3: Choose the winning projects that you contributed to under “My Rewards” and click “Claim” to receive reward tokens (e.g., GLMR requires an Ethereum-compatible wallet; ACA will require a Polkadot compatible address).

Step 4: Claim your Liquid Crowdloan tokens to your wallet (e.g., aDOTp-GLMR).

Step 5: Ensure your rewards have shown up in your wallet.

What APY can I expect from Parachain Liquid Crowdloans?

To know how much APY you are earning on your bonded DOT with projects like Moonbeam, you will need to apply the following formula:

[(GLMR base rewards per bonded DOT x GLMR Price in USD + ANKR base rewards per bonded DOT x Ankr Price in USD ) / DOT Price in USD] ^(52/96)

Users will receive 30% of the GLMR rewards claimable at launch, then ANKR rewards will be airdropped to aDOTp liquid crowdloan token holders. The ANKR tokens will be airdropped to the same ETH address claiming aDOTp tokens.

If someone wanted to trade their DOT with someone else holding aDOTp-GLMR on a DEX after the initial rewards are claimed, they could calculate the remaining aDOTp-GLMR rewards APY with the following formula:

[(GLMR base rewards per bonded DOT x GLMR Price in USD x 70%) / DOT Price in USD] ^(52/96)

Where can I buy/sell Parachain Liquid Crowdloan tokens?

Be aware that liquid crowdloan tokens are required to claim rewards from Ankr smart contracts, so trading your aDOTp tokens for other tokens in liquidity pools will mean you will no longer be collecting any rewards.

Therefore, the most appropriate options to trade aDOTp tokens are fixed-swap auctions or Over-the-Counter (OTC) trades between two parties only. offers both options.

Follow that detail how to create a fixed-swap auction on Bounce Finance.

You can therefore make an auction offer to buy some aDOTp-GLMR at a specific price, or sell aDOTp-GLMR at a specific price. The buy and sell price difference is typically known as the “bid-ask spread” in traditional finance.

Buyers of aDOTp-GLMR will be able to claim the remaining GLMR rewards in line with Moonbeam’s vesting schedule and claim 1 bonded DOT for 1 aDOTp-GLMR at the end of the lease period.

Sellers should be able to receive the value of their original bonded DOT + the present value of future rewards claimable by the new aDOTp holder.

Will I be able to redeem my original DOT?

At the end of the lease period, you will be able to redeem all aDOTp with Ankr and receive the same amount of DOT.

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