UI Update: Exchange Voting is Live

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Pre-Liquidity Deployment Exchange Voting Now Live

Exchange Voting tl;dr

  • Liquidity deployment is not live yet; this is to familiarize users with the exchange voting process before active deployment
  • Liquidity Directors (TOKE stakers) now have exchange-specific granularity when voting for specific Token Reactors by switching on “Pro Mode,” located above the vote input field
  • Initial exchange venues available for directed liquidity: Curve (new), Uniswap V2, Sushiswap, Balancer V2 (more to be added soon)
  • “Pro Mode” exchange voting is not mandatory for voting to a Token Reactor, and voting generally to a Token Reactor will currently default to the Curve ABC/tABC pool (for now)
  • Each exchange tile will offer a degree of information about the health of the liquidity pool
  • Voting for a specific exchange doesn’t affect the APR indicated per Token Reactor, the APR will remain the same no matter what level of granularity a Liquidity Director chooses, whether generalized or exchange specific (this may evolve in the future)

Exchange Voting: The Final UI Update Before Liquidity Deployment

The ability to vote your TOKE to a Token Reactor, and choose the exchange you prefer to direct liquidity to is now live. Although there may be tweaks, this UI update will be the precursor to active liquidity deployment.

Note: active liquidity deployment is not yet live, however, and this pre-liquidity deployment phase is meant to familiarize users while we finalize preparation for active deployment. In the meantime, you’ll notice a “Deployment Offline” message on each exchange tile.

To activate ‘Pro Mode’ and see the exchanges that votes can be applied to, flip the switch above the voting field on a Token Reactor:

Here you’ll be able to easily input your staked TOKE votes to one or several desired exchange(s):

Voting to a specific exchange does not increase or decrease the indicated APR on a specific Token Reactor.

Note: Exchange voting / Pro Mode is not absolutely necessary for Liquidity Directors to vote to a Token Reactor. You can still vote generally for a Token Reactor, as normal prior to this update:


When a Liquidity Director votes generally (without using Pro Mode), your TOKE votes will be allocated to whatever is set as the default. This may be modified in the future through early-stage team calibration, and may further be voted upon through DAO governance.

Update: When Tokemak begins deploying liquidity, the first ‘default’ pool will be the new ABC/tABC Curve pools. These ABC/tABC Curve pools will be set up to safely measure preliminary liquidity deployment calibration as well as enable low-slippage liquidity for tAssets. Initially, the tABC side of these Curve pools will be provided utilizing some of Tokemak’s reserves. This is an important addition for the future of Tokemak, by (among other things) enabling users to get in and out of tAssets more readily.


Each exchange tile will offer various statistics detailing the overall ‘health’ of the venue’s pool.

Each tile contains the following information:

Liquidity Directed: The total amount of liquidity the Token Reactor is directing to a specific venue’s liquidity pool.

My Liquidity Directed: The total amount of liquidity an individual LD is directing.

Total Depth: The USD value of assets in this pool.

Slippage @ $100,000: The percentage price change caused by an order of $100k.

Turnover: The number of days to trade through assets in the pool based on current 24 hour volume.

2% Depth +/-: Capital in USD required to move the market by 2% up or down from last traded price.

Directed Liquidity: Tokemak assets currently deployed in this pool.

Tokemak Vol Last Cycle: USD volume of Tokemak deployed liquidity which traded in the exchange in this pool during the last completed Cycle.

Future Plans

When liquidity deployment goes live, all assets will be preliminarily paired with ETH (with the exception of the Curve ABC/tABC pools) for a brief period. After liquidity deployment reaches a level of confidence operationally, we’ll update the exchange voting UI to allow Liquidity Directors to choose from the array of Pair Reactors to pair assets with from the Token Reactors.

Liquidity Deployment is nigh…

With the addition of exchange voting, the stage is now set for active liquidity deployment. We will be closely monitoring that everything is functioning correctly with the new exchange voting UI and will be on stand-by to quickly address any bugs that may arise. The announcement of the target date for activating liquidity deployment will be made once we believe the new updates are stable.

We look forward to hearing any and all Pilot feedback, so be sure to drop by our Discord if you have any questions or concerns.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Z5f92tfzh4

Website: https://www.tokemak.xyz/

Medium: https://medium.com/tokemak

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tokenreactor


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