This Week: Welcome to Vesper Finance’s Season Two!

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Dec. 17 marked a major step forward in Vesper’s journey with the launch of Vesper Earn, a redesigned app experience, availability on Polygon, and more

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Dec 17 · 4 min read

Get a full download on Vesper Season Two in this special edition of This Week in Vesper.

The Season Preview

The week kicked off with a Season Two Twitter Spaces featuring Jordan Kruger, Jeff Garzik, and Matthew Roszak, as well as special guests Crews from Index Coop, Eric Ervin from Blockforce Capital and Michael McQuaid from the Vesper community and growth team.

A Letter from Jeff Garzik

Co-founder Jeff Garzik set the tone for Vesper’s Season Two in a Medium post to the community, highlighting Vesper’s exciting year and what’s ahead for the platform.

From the piece:

Check out the full piece below.


A New Way to DeFi — Vesper Earn

The headline product of Season Two, Vesper Earn, is now live. Vesper Earn offers a completely new DeFi experience by allowing users to deposit one asset and earn yield in another. This opens up a series of new possibilities for Vesper users and the larger DeFi category.

Decrypt spoke with Co-founder Jeff Garzik to learn more about Earn’s unique use-cases.

The Earn pairs available at launch include: Deposit DAI and earn yield in Index Coop’s DeFi Pulse Index token (DPI), WBTC, or ETH; Deposit ETH or WBTC, and earn yield in DAI.

Curious to learn more?

Featured Pool — DAI-to-DPI

The DAI-to-DPI Earn pair enables users to gain diversified exposure to leading DeFi projects through a single asset.

A Fresh Experience — App + Website Redesign

Vesper was founded with a vision of providing an easier-to-use DeFi experience, which means continuously identifying areas to improve design.

An award-winning designer built a whole new Vesper app experience — creating one of the most intuitive platforms in DeFi, all while providing additional data for users.

A few snapshots…

Check out the app experience for yourself.

A Multi-chain Future — Vesper-on-Polygon

Vesper marked the first step in its multi-chain journey with an expansion onto the Polygon network. The announcement was received with excitement from the Polygon community, who hosted Co-founder Jordan Kruger as their AMA guest of the week in the Polygon Discord.

Polygon also shared the news with its global community.

Learn more about Vesper-on-Polygon.

New Collaborations — Orbit, Token Whitelisting

In addition to multi-chain, the Vesper community also approved two VIPs that broaden the scope of projects and partnerships with Vesper.

First, the Vesper Orbit VIP creates an on-ramp for new projects, such as DeFi 2.0 tokens, to be onboarded rapidly, yet in a separate app and risk domain. Try out Vesper Orbit.

A second VIP, “token white listing frenzy”, added a number of tokens to the Vesper whitelist.

With a more proactive approach to emerging communities, Vesper can serve a more engaged, collaborative role with these counterparts, with both parties better off as a result.

The Vesper Ecosystem — Revenue Upgrade

The Vesper community approved a VIP for a major upgrade to the DAO and revenue system to enable greater sustainability and diversity of DAO and treasury operations for the short, medium, and long-term. This is now live. Combined with increasing exchange liquidity, this is intended to maximize Vesper’s and VSP’s longevity.

With a new governance forum live, plenty of thoughtful debate on our Discord, and on chain decentralized governance on the horizon via the well-known Compound Bravo module from the Compound project, the path of progressive decentralization towards the DAO goal continues.

New Asset Option — Aggressive USDC

Vesper’s newest Grow pool, aggressive USDC (vaUSDC), is the latest to join the list of available pools. Users can now access the pool on the main Vesper app.

The Aggressive USDC pool will serve as the foundation for additional Vesper Earn pools, launched today. All Vesper Grow pools are composable and can tap each other as back pools for additional yield opportunities and yield earning experiences, and vaUSDC is no exception.

…And, Finally

It’s been an incredible year of building, connecting and innovating alongside the Vesper community. Thank you to all who have been a part of the journey so far. The best is yet to come.


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Vespernauts Shazi_H and Errinvf contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.

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