DPI Pool Goes Live on Vesper Earn!

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With Vesper Earn, users can now deposit the DAI stablecoin and earn yield in Index Coop’s DeFi Pulse Index token (DPI).

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Dec 17 · 2 min read

Vesper Earn unlocks a “programmable” yield-earning experience, which allows users to deposit one asset and earn another via the Vesper app. By depositing DAI into a Vesper Earn pool, users can now gain access to Index Coop’s DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) — which wraps the top DeFi projects on Ethereum into a single ERC-20 token.

The Vesper Earn Difference

Vesper Grow and other yield aggregators work to compound the earned yield for more of the deposit asset. In the case of Vesper Earn’s DAI-to-DPI pool, the yield is instead swapped to DPI and streamed to the user.

Index Coop picks tokens for the Index based on a project’s market cap and re-weighs its index on the first day of every month. Vesper Earn’s DAI-to-DPI experience provides an easy, on-chain way for individuals to access a market basket of top DeFi tokens without exposing their principal to any volatility of DPI and its underlying assets.

Behind the scenes, pool deposits are deployed to a multitude of strategies, weighted by risk and returns. Each strategy is audited twice and passed through a rigorous testing process before graduating to the main app. This helps Vesper fulfill its goal to deliver products that are secure, easier-to-use, and high performing.

All the Ways to DPI

For more conventional yield, users can deposit DPI into Vesper Grow to earn yield in the form of both additional DPI and the Vesper platform token, VSP.


The Vesper Earn DPI pool joins a number of other deposit/yield pairs at launch:

  • Deposit Ethereum (ETH), earn yield in DAI
  • Deposit DAI, earn yield in ETH
  • Deposit Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), earn yield in DAI
  • Deposit DAI, earn yield in WBTC

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