Introducing the Bird Ambassador Program

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It’s time for us to level up our community members! We’re excited to announce Operation Bird Nest, our new ambassador program.

Bird is growing and it is an exciting time. As we build, it’s important that the Flock grows and gains in strength along with us.

The Bird Ambassador program is designed to unite our Flock into a cohesive team, all working together to grow Bird and create new levels of excitement in and around the project.

We strongly believe that by providing goals and objectives for our community, we will evolve from a technology platform surrounded by supporters into a Web3.0 platform in which the community of token holders are the true leaders of the project. In initiating Operation Bird Nest we are taking our next steps towards building a community-operated DAO, which will lead Bird into its exciting future.

In initiating Operation Bird Nest we are taking our next steps towards building a community-operated DAO, which will lead Bird into its exciting future.

There is responsibility that comes with transitions like this. The platforms and communities that embrace the ethos of Web3.0 first will emerge as the leaders of the future. Every one of us has the expectation that Bird will be one of the projects at the forefront of this revolution. As the Flock continues its evolution from a community of holders to an active group working together with the Bird development team we will all be responsible to each other… the entire Flock, both the development team and the community of holders, working as one.

In The Beginning…

As we start, the Flock will take on the role of a decentralized marketing team for Bird. Instead of only a few paid internal people, we will now have a team of hundreds of us responsible for spreading the word of Bird. Our Ambassador program is full of community tasks and games designed to make this work fun and rewarding for everyone here. With our entire community working together with the Bird team the potential is limitless.

Instead of only a few paid internal people, we will now have a team of hundreds of us responsible for spreading the word of Bird.

While the entire Flock comes together to work and build a successful future, Bird will utilize this program as our way of further displaying our transparency to the members of our community. Bird will reward the Ambassadors of the Flock who are pulling with us by reciprocating the effort that they put in, giving them even more access to our team and development updates within the platform. We are creating special Ambassador status and token holder discord channels in which we will host regular fireside chats to give updates and to receive community input. Additionally, we will introduce various NFT badges granting unique and specific access to the token holders that earn them.

The Bird Ambassador Challenge

The first phase of our program is a 10 Week challenge project. Each week we issue community tasks and challenges like art contests, scavenger hunts and AMA’s focused on strengthening the flock and increasing visibility of the Bird project. Bird will issue points for each task that a member of the community completes and track these points on a scoreboard posted on our website for the entire flock to see.


The members of the Flock that join in the fun will receive rewards of exclusive Bird Merch and new ecosystem NFTs. As the leaders within the Flock emerge, Bird will continue to reward them in exciting ways.

Upon completion of the 10-week challenge, members of the community who have amassed more than 30 points will be awarded a Flock Ambassador Badge NFT which will play a role in the Bird ecosystem as the project grows.

Additionally, the top 10 finishers in the community will win a selection of new Bird Merchandise.

Our 10 week challenge starts today!

Operation Bird Nest — Week 1 Missions

  • Register for the challenge at This will enter you into the scoreboard and award you your first point.
  • Follow Bird on our twitter account + 1 point*
  • Join our Bird discord channel +1 point*
  • Retweet a tweet from Bird’s official twitter profile. +1 point
  • Join us in our telegram for a community forum on Sunday, December 12 at 8:30pm EST to share in a discussion on the role of the Flock in building and growing Bird. We will develop a community thesis describing why a new member should be interested in joining the flock. +1 Point
  • If you already follow us on twitter or are a member of our discord you will automatically receive points after you are registered for the challenge.

About Bird

Bird is empowering dApp developers to create the Web3.0 UX of the future by developing wallet-level machine learning prediction products that are accessible within a permissionless, decentralized on-chain oracle. Developers that integrate with our products can, for example, offer variable defi loans or launchpad investment terms based on Bird’s analysis of the wallet’s past behaviors as well as off-chain data streams.

Behavioral prediction products fueled the growth of Web2.0 companies such as Google and Facebook, but centralization had led to power and profit disparities. Combining the power of ML with open and decentralized technologies will enable Bird to create an entirely new tech business model. Operational decisions such as how sensitive data are used and what user behaviors are analyzed can be made by the community (i.e, token holders), with community profit-sharing serving to align the long-term incentives of Bird administrators and ecosystem users.

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