Ankr Is Collaborating With Binance Smart Chain to Improve the BSC Network!

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Franciska Kovacs

Dec 8 · 3 min read

Ankr Is Collaborating With Binance Smart Chain to Improve the BSC Network!

A common problem the Binance Smart Chain encounters is when local storage becomes too bloated, especially considering archive nodes can store up to 13TB of data.

This cumbersome storage size means that it will take much more time to index or compact the data, and it reduces the performance of Geth when requesting data. Geth (Go Ethereum) is a command-line interface used to operate in conjunction with the EVM — the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

EVM compatibility is one of the major benefits of the Binance Smart Chain as it supports the extensive existing Ethereum tooling, block time speeds, and low costs. We need to create a more efficient storage mechanism to keep the BSC operating at peak performance levels while ensuring Geth is running smoothly.

Introducing the Erigon Solution

Ankr is implementing an Erigon BSC version based on to solve the existing problems in the BSC and open-sourcing it to all. Erigon is an implementation of Ethereum (aka an “Ethereum Client”), written in the “Go” language that aims to improve efficiency in data storage and increase blockchain performance.

Why Erigon?

This solution is mutually beneficial for BSC and Ankr. Creating Erigon as open-source means that any BSC node operators will be able to use it freely while contributing their computing power to the Ankr Protocol. With an incredibly fast and reliable network of BSC nodes, Ankr will be better able to serve the blockchain and dApp developers that depend on the protocol to communicate with the BSC.


Erigon’s Improvements

  • Increases Speed & Performance — Erigon implements a much faster MDBX storage library (instead of LevelDB) that can reduce database size and improve BSC performance.
  • Technical Improvements — Erigon introduces many improvements that allow for remote databases, storage partitioning, and a read-only replication mode
  • Faster Synchronization Process — Syncing nodes can be a long and arduous process, but Erigon speeds this along with stages that batch data together more efficiently and minimize database overwrites.
  • New RPC Daemon Capabilities — By removing the RPC from node implementation and building a remote database, we can set up differently scaled API gateways (RPC Daemons) on different machines

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Problems That Ankr Is Solving

Erigon is an amazing solution for the above reasons. However, it is not fully compatible with BSC since the BSC has a unique way of handling consensus and block processing. For that reason, Ankr is working with the BSC team with merging Erigon capabilities to the BSC in the following ways:

  1. Ankr is working on migrating changes from the BSC Geth to Erigon while keeping compatibility with all nodes.
  2. The first milestone will ensure that the Erigon solution works without errors in implementation with BSC full nodes.
  3. Once full node capabilities are complete, we will ensure that Erigon is compatible with the BSC validator nodes.

Benefits for the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem

Ankr has a close relationship with the BSC ecosystem, and we are proud to announce this new project that will benefit the BSC community and applications.

“The Binance Smart Chain is seeing an all-time high in transactions as emerging markets heavily adopt it for DeFi, NFT’s, and gaming. The low gas fees and EVM compatibility make it a favorite. However, this comes at a cost: nodes are struggling to keep up. With Ankr open-sourcing our custom implementation of Erigon, we can help node providers keep at block height, ensuring the BSC community keeps thriving.” — Josh Neuroth, Ankr’s Head of Product

“We are proud that BSC is reaching lofty goals as an open protocol and community-driven ecosystem.” — Samy, BSC’s Ecosystem Coordinator

BSC projects and users will benefit hugely from upgrades to the network. As we evolve the BSC to become even faster and more efficient, it will be able to handle enormous amounts of traffic and transactions. That means more adoption from all corners of crypto as new projects look to build on the highly evolved BSC and new users take advantage of fast BSC dApps.

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