November Report

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🤝 Keeping Promises and Buidling 🏗

It was another big month per usual at ApeSwap. As we round the corner on 2021 and start to gear up for what will surely be the year that defines web3 we’ve continued to put our foot on the gas. 🏎💨

We built on past IAO success, we put out launch dates for NFBs and Self-Serve IAOs, we launched a lending network with Ola Finance, as well as delivered world-class trading pairs, farms, and pools. Read the full recap from our November Report below! 🗞

Launched 8 Lending Markets — In collaboration with Ola Finance, we launched 8 lending markets that allow you to supply and take collateralized loans on Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, BANANA, BUSD, USDT, USDC, and cake. During our 30-day launch beta, we’re distributing $120,000 in $BANANA rewards so be sure to check out those APYs. Users managed to stake $9M+ in TVL in just over a week! ⚖️

Record-Setting IAO 009 — Galactic Arena’s IAO broke every record in the book! You all liked it so much we reached 100% subscription in less than 60 seconds! Next IAO coming very soon. 🦾

200k+ Twitter Followers — Our ape family grows larger by the minute! We’re so thankful to have one of the most engaging and caring communities in DeFi. Here’s to 200k more! 🐣

Integrated RSS Feed — New investors curious about ApeSwap will now be able to track ApeSwap’s progress directly from our page on! 🖥


#BURNSDAY — Another huge month of BANANA burns couldn’t make ApeTastic happier, with an additional $1.2 Million in BANANA now gone forever. That brings our total burned Banana to just over 15 million! 🔥

Introduced Self-Serve IAOs — Soon any Ape with a little DeFi knowledge, a BEP-20 token, and a dream will be able to launch their own project right from the jungle! ApeSwap will be the first place where a project can launch, list, and lock liquidity on a single platform. Are you a new project and curious about best practices? Check them out here. Are you a newer user and not sure where to start to DYOR? Check out our guide here. 🚀

5 Governance Proposals— All 5 of our governance proposals this month reached quorum! Your voice counts, and we’re so thankful to be an inclusive DAO where any ape with a point of view and a little $GNANA can shape the future of the platform! 🗳

#WenNewsSer Campaign — With the end of the year quickly approaching we wanted to provide key updates and share launch dates for features we’ve been teasing these past few months. Our #WenNewsSer campaign proved we mean business! If you haven’t had a chance to check out these announcements, you can read about all 5 in our BSC News article here. 📖

Powered by ApeSwap — We introduced our horizontal service strategy, including our plans to offer elevated partnerships, support, and teamwork to projects that expand the Jungle’s DeFi offering and route 100% through the ApeSwap router. 🔋

NFBs Sold Out — The long-awaited launch of NFBs on Liquid Collectibles arrived via an innovative Dutch Auction. 650,000 NFBi were sold out in around 44 hours. Users then had an option to exchange NFBi for an NFB, farm, hold, or trade with their new NFT index tokens. Be sure to join the new NFB telegram group here! 🍌

14 New Farms — Our Biz Dev team works around the clock to bring you the best projects on BSC and lock in as much liquidity as possible, bringing 14 new farms to the table this month. With some of the highest APRs on BSC, our farms average 145.73%! 🚜

14 New Pools — Stay cool by a pool, literally! Our Biz Dev rockstars didn’t stop at farms — they brought new pools too! Earn passive income from any one of our partner pools, earning an average of 118.27% APR!

$2B+ in trading volume — There’s no stopping you Apes! We had over $2B+ in trading volume during the month of November across Polygon and BSC, one of our highest months to date. 📈

28 New Trading Pairs — Huge shout out to the Biz Dev team for working so hard to not only bring great projects to the jungle, but to list one nearly every single day this month! 🔁

10 Partner AMAs — Our endless stream of Reddit AMAs are continuously loading Apes up with the latest info on our favorite projects thanks to our host @ApeSwapAsh leading the charge. If you missed IAO 009 Galactic Arena, SX Network, Ola Lending, Mimir, Signata, or Mintverse, you can check find them on our Reddit! 🙋

Until Next Time 🥺

We love any chance we get to bring the best DeFi services to our fellow apes and we hope your holiday season is full of sexy pumps and healthy gains! We will be working tirelessly to close out this year strong, before taking a little time off at the end of the year — our end-of-year campaign will be starting December 25th! So be on the lookout. 👀

And we cannot wait for what we have in store for you in 2022. Apes. Together. Strong. ✊

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