Bonfida Exclusive: Edition #4

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November was a busy month for Bonfida. The Solana Name Service has witnessed a huge growth, as a result of the increasing popularity of domain names. Bonfida successfully delivered the on-chain messaging application Jabber, and established new partnerships with many Solana projects. Let’s check out the November Edition of the Bonfida Exclusive and find out all the good news.

This month we have Benson in the spotlight again. Benson is a famous Taiwanese KOL, a well known trader on FTX and also a DeFi enthusiast. He has shared some good thoughts about the Solana Name Service that shouldn’t be missed.

Now, without further ado, let’s dig into what Bonfida has been up to throughout November!

Jabber is the very first mobile messaging app built on any blockchain and works just like your favourite messaging app. Jabber allows you to create a customizable user profile, send and receive tips in FIDA, and set up or or join group chats. You can easily monetize your DMs and groups by setting up a price per message (in SOL) that other users will have to pay to message you. This is the most important value of Jabber as it provides users with a trustless and decentralized way to monetize their interactions.

For more information, please refer to


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On December 1st, Bonfida hosted the very first on-chain AMA with Alex Wice on Jabber. Alex is a Solana maximalist and an advisor to Solend. He explained why he supported Solana at a very early stage, shared his views on the NFT ecosystem in Solana and talked about why he chose to advise Solend.

You can join the AMA group via the below address and read through the chat history:

Solana Name Service experienced some important changes over the past month. The quote currency for auctions changed from USDC to FIDA. Now, the starting price for every auction is fixed at 2.625 FIDA. Additionally, the auction duration has been reduced from 7 to 3 days.

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When you go to, and scroll down to the bottom, you will now be able to see Solana Name Service’s statistics which includes average, floor and ceiling price, etc. The statistics of the Solana Name Service can help users better understand the market quantitatively.

More than 10K twitter handles and 100K domain names have been registered on the Solana Name Service.

New names have appeared on the leaderboard, with a Chinese domain name now ranking second.

SolanaTip has developed a dApp that is built on the Solana Name Service. This integration enables SolanaTip’s users to give and receive tips on Twitter.

Solscan supports the Solana name service. Now you can view the .sol domain names owned by any sol address on Solscan.

Grape Protocol provides the toolset for decentralized social networking on Solana. By integrating Solana Name Service, 100,000+ Grape verified users will be able to create their address directly on the dashboard.

Portals, one of Ignition Hackathon winners, is building a metaverse platform on Solana. Portals will aim to integrate the Solana Name Service and provide an immersive experience of Bonfida inside the metaverse.

86,531 $FIDA were burned in Nov. That’s $722,540 at the current price, and is the largest buy and burn since inception

Benson Sun is a Taiwanese KOL who is an experienced trader and a DeFi enthusiast. Benson Sun recently published a tweet thread to express his thoughts on Solana Name Service,

You can read his full thread here:

None of the above is financial advice.

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