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Volume 1 • Issue 9

After an exciting and jam packed couple of months of intense development, we’re back to share our updates with The Flock. We’ve got a lot to cover from our Binance Labs Incubator Program selection through to community engagement programs. So let’s get to it!

Binance Labs Incubator Program

The Binance Labs Incubator program has already proven extremely valuable for the growth of our project and we’re thrilled to share this news with our community. Out of over 1000 applications, Bird was selected as one of only nine projects to be part of season 3 of this preeminent offering. In this regard, we’ve officially joined the ranks of some of the most successful blockchain projects in the industry, such as Polygon (formerly Matic), Injective Protocol, Dune Analytics, and many more. But before we get into the details of our experience so far, let’s start with a quick overview of what the program is and why it’s been designed this way.

Season 3 of the Binance Labs Incubator program is an intensive, 10-week program involving group discussions with industry leaders such as Sandeep Naiwal (Cofounder and COO of Polygon), He Yi (Co-founder and CMO of Binance) and even CZ himself, 1×1 mentoring sessions with best-in-class engineers from Binance, leaders from venture funds and other influential players in the industry, as well as a rigorous curriculum of learning and networking. The program concludes with demo day, which is an opportunity for each project to present to some of the top financiers, executives and leaders in the space. The incubator program is one of several pillars that Binance has developed to cultivate young projects, with programs such as the Binance Launchpool and Binance Growth Fund representing the next steps for projects to grow with the support of Binance.

The first two weeks of the program have truly exceeded all of our expectations. In our very first session, CZ gave a warm welcome to each team, marking the first time we can confirm that he and the rest of the team at Binance see value in what Bird is building. He even said he loves the name “Bird” for our project!

Next up, was a fireside chat with Sandeep Nailwal, where he shared his experience and advice having grown Polygon to the success it is today. His talk confirmed much of the guiding principles that we’ve adopted for Bird, namely, to identify a highly-focused objective. For Polygon, their objective was to build a network that could facilitate mass adoption of crypto dapps. For Bird, our objective is to deliver machine learning products for other developers in a permissionless framework. This is a powerful affirmation of the leadership behind Bird and their ability to guide Bird to its true potential to shape the way Web3.0 will be built.

Sandeep was certainly a tough act to follow, but the next guest speaker certainly rose to the occasion. Hartej Sawhney, CEO and Managing Partner of Zokyo, spoke at length of the importance of a security-focused development paradigm. For those of you that have been following Bird for some time, you’ve likely already noticed the parallels here. Every product we’ve delivered has undergone multiple audits and we’ve even made the uncommon, and likely unpopular, decision to delay deliverables whenever they have not met our standards for security and stability. Our BSC token bridge is a perfect example of that. As we shared in our July newsletter, at that time we had a fully-functioning bi-directional token bridge, however it was designed and administered by a third-party. In testing and coordinating with the third-party, we saw the arrangement as too great of a security risk, so we cancelled the launch and built our own. Not long after that, several bridges were hacked, further affirming our security-first mindset.

The third speaker that we’ve had the opportunity to meet with is He Yi, the Co-founder and CMO of Binance. As one of the most successful and visionary marketers in our industry, this was a particularly valuable session for our team. She spoke and answered our questions for nearly two hours! One of the areas that she provided guidance on directly to our team was in marketing complex products such as ours. This kind of personalized, hands-on guidance is precisely why we’re confident that this program will serve as the catalyst that propels Bird into the realm of top projects where it belongs.


Aside from the speaker sessions, we’ve also had multiple 1×1 mentoring sessions with various leaders.

Aside from the speaker sessions, we’ve also had multiple 1×1 mentoring sessions with various leaders. Not only does this provide an opportunity for the team to benefit from counsel that’s been tailored just for us, but it’s a chance for us to further grow our network in the industry. We’ve met with top law firms, executives at Binance, and influencers, each of which has offered useful support to our project. The program administrators have also worked diligently to encourage other incubator projects to provide support to one another. Through all this we’re now in talks with countless new partners that are interested in the machine learning products that Bird is developing.

Perhaps the most exciting part of all of this is, we’re just in the third week! Many of the biggest names and most valuable partners are yet to come. Binance has lined up their top investors for the second half of the program. It’s going to be an amazing trip and we’re thrilled to have our wonderful community along for the ride.

Analytic NFTs

Our engineers have been hard at work implementing the complex algorithm underlying our Analytic NFTs on the Solana network. This has involved adapting multiple contracts and even the minting engine itself due to the differences in how the Ethereum and Solana networks operate. We’re excited to say that testing is nearly complete and we’ve identified a launch date of December 11th for the first aNFT mint on the Solana network!

The Solana Avian Avatars aNFT mint is scheduled for December 11th!

More details will be shared in a separate post. With this work winding down, we’re already beginning the process of integrating our custom aNFT platform on the BSC network as well. We hope to have this minting engine ready on the same launch date, but again, will provide updates in a separate post as more information becomes available. We are a cross-chain platform and we understand that many of our valued community members prefer interacting with other L1s beyond Ethereum. Delivering our aNFTs on each of these networks represents our commitment to the importance of interoperability.

The Bird Token

Many of you have asked for additional ways to buy and trade our token. As always, we’ve listened and are pleased to share that we’ve officially begun the process of negotiating our next centralized exchange listing. We are targeting exchanges that serve a broader geographic strategy for Bird, so you’ll likely see other changes rolling out to support this. Due to the nature of these agreements, and our community’s impressive detective skills, we cannot say much more at this time. However, we know this is a highly-desired step in our growth process, and one we committed to deliver in our September newsletter, so we felt it was important to share now. As always, team Bird is working hard even though sometimes it’s a bit behind the scenes!


Over the last few months we’ve been focused on expanding our marketing efforts. Our approach to marketing has always been value driven. We don’t spend aimlessly, but rather with precision and intent. We’ve been leveraging the recent news of the Binance Labs Incubation Program selection as well as promoting our Analytic NFT mint on ETH. We’ll continue to work on promoting these events in the near term, making sure that we’re consistently putting the Bird brand out to be seen by various communities in the space.

Some of the more recent marketing activities we’ve been working on, engaging crypto communities in the channels where they’re mostly likely to be, such as Twitter and Telegram, have provided us with valuable metrics and data to work from, helping us to make calculated decisions on when we should be promoting ourselves to give us the best amount of views and clicks.

The growth and outreach team have been putting a comprehensive list of YouTube channels, composed of both smaller community based channels through to channels with upwards of 300,000 subscribers. We’ve also been reaching out to various podcasts to start engaging them for interviews on the topic of not only Bird, but the future of Web 3 and the data analytic engines that will support it.

We’ve been working with various Twitter influencers, such as our friends The Gem Hunters who are firm believers and supporters of the work we’re doing. They’ve been helping to promote our Analytic NFT mint on ETH and will continue to run promos and prizes for Avian Avatar aNFTs as we look at our Solana mint, scheduled for December 11th. We’ll continue to engage the Twitter channels that we’ve been working with for our ETH mint such as NFTart Club and NFTrated to run additional recurring tweets on a regular basis leading up to our Solana mint. In addition we’ll be looking to work with other Twitter influencers and NFT specific channels to increase our outreach.

We continue to be diligent in our approach to seek out the best value to promote and engage new audiences. As always we put the interests of the community and company first to ensure that we work with reputable, credible channels that believe in what we’re building.


Brand messaging and awareness is a gradual process and requires the general consumer to gradually intake not only the visual component but also the ethos and unique selling proposition a company has to offer. For us at Bird it’s always been a two-pronged approach:

Firstly we have business-to-business developments that involve partnerships with platforms which can utilize our data analytic and machine learning products for their DApp integrations, investor relations to secure capital and strategic partnerships that open the doors to more resources to leverage.

Secondly we have our consumer facing value proposition, where owning the Bird token is essentially owning a part of what will eventually be our DAO, which will give token holders the ability to govern and vote on how the platform consumes and uses data gathered by users. This form of ownership is what empowers us to build the products that will shape the landscape of the Web 3.0 user experience on the decentralized web.


We’ve been working on engaging suppliers to work with for our growth and brand building efforts on various forums such as /biz/ and some of the more known crypto centric subreddits such as cryptomoonshots. We’re also working on increasing the mentions circulating socials regarding the Bird brand, particularly on Twitter, Telegram groups and other social networks.

As part of our continued brand building efforts we’ve been consistently posting over the last few weeks on various DeFi channels to spread our recent news, particularly our selection for the Binance Labs Incubator Program. We’ve been targeting over 850,000 subscribers on a regular basis on various DeFi and crypto related groups, which have been resulting anywhere up to 30% engagement, often times more. The exercise is establishing a visual repetition that helps to instill trust and credibility in our brand by simply promoting our recent news to the general public.

As we work with Binance Labs’ Incubator Program team, attending various marketing sessions, we are fortunate to have insight and access to many resources which have been made available to us in order to help elevate Bird as a global-centric brand. As we look to establish our globalized community presence, we will be expanding our growth efforts into regions where crypto is a part of popular culture and growing at exponential rates. We’ve gained access to a list of suppliers, agencies, brokers and influencers that are driving the narratives to bring crypto to the masses in those geographic regions, which we’ll utilize to help extend our reach into those new markets, building new globalized communities for Bird.

Interviews and AMAs

We’ve got a bunch of interviews and AMAs we’re working on scheduling at the moment as well as some that are already in the works. Our friends at Crypto Society will be holding another AMA with Bird CEO Daniel Stephens in the near future. We’ve also got CVO, a Florida based crypto group that would like to host Dan to talk about Bird’s blockchain analytic and machine learning products.

Our partners at Unvest will be hosting us on their YouTube channel for an interview to talk about the integration of Bird’s launchpad investor score and how they’ll be using it to deliver customized pricing and vesting schedules to their users.

We’ve got 2 interviews booked this coming week, one with Bitcoin Bros, who have done a great video on Bird in the recent past, which you can check out here:

The other is with our partners at API3 who are running a partner project spotlight program. Ben from API3 is eager to get Dan on a video interview which they’ll be publishing to their YouTube channel and sharing with their community and investors to highlight the capable projects they’ve partnered with to utilize their first-party API oracles.

Community Incentives

Bird Ambassador Program

Bird is growing and it is an exciting time. As we build, it is important that the Flock grows and gains in strength along with us.

It’s time for us to level up our community members and we are excited to announce OPERATION BIRD NEST, our new ambassador program. It is designed to unite our Flock into a cohesive team all working together to grow Bird and create new levels of excitement in and around the project.

As a community driven project we believe that we’re all a part of the growth and expansion of the program. This program is our way of further displaying our transparency to the members of our community, reciprocating the effort that they put in by giving ambassadors even more access to our team, developments within the platform and involving them in our marketing and outreach efforts. With our entire Flock working together alongside the Bird team the potential is limitless.

The first phase of our program is a 10 Week challenge in which the Flock will take part in art contests, scavenger hunts, AMA’s and many other community projects. The members of the Flock that join in the fun will receive rewards of exclusive Bird Merch and new ecosystem NFTs.

As the leaders within the Flock emerge, Bird will continue to reward them in exciting ways.

More details on the Bird Ambassador program will be announced in the coming days, with details of how members can achieve Bird Ambassador status, competition guidelines, timelines and the scope of the entire program. We are excited for Operation Bird Nest and look forward to all working and building together to take Bird to the next level.

Introducing the Bird Merch Store

You asked and we have listened! We are proud to announce the long awaited Bird Merch store, complete with all sorts of gear to show your true feathers in support of our community. The ultimate goal of the store is twofold: use the profits to buy back $BIRD which bolsters liquidity, and strengthens the core community of holders in a clear and tangible way. Nothing shows dedication more than wearing a Bird hat or using a Bird sticker on your laptop. Together we can truly build a future powered by Bird, and only through uniting and spreading the word can we achieve this to its fullest extent. Check out our full catalog at

Transparency and trust are the key pillars of what this industry is based upon. In line with the goals of the merch store stated previously, all profits will be used to buy back $BIRD tokens from the open market. This will benefit all holders of $BIRD as it will not only bolster liquidity, but also effectively reduce the amount of $BIRD in circulation. We will post the transactions for these buybacks as monthly updates as part of our newsletter to streamline the process. We’ll also be using the merch store to run various promotions, send merch to potential partners and influencers that would share their Bird based look on socials, and prizes for contents that are run within the community.

Overall we’re extremely pleased with the result and can’t wait for our Flock to jump in and get their official Bird gear. As of now the store is live! You can access the Bird merch store directly from the main navigation of our website, Bird.Money or by clicking here.

A special thanks to the community members who volunteered to help design some of the merch, we couldn’t have done it without you! We will be updating our product lines in the future so make sure to check it out often and let our team know if there’s anything you’d like to see there. There is word in the nest of having designer Avian Avatar gear, so stay tuned for that!

Tokenized Access

We’ve begun implementing tokenized access channels for our token holders on our Discord server. The idea is to bring token holders into dedicated Discord channels in order to start engaging their input on particular plans and ideas that relate to the platform developments, operations and marketing so that we can begin to merge our team and community in a better, more efficient way. This ultimately begins to pave the way for what will eventually become our DAO. We’ll also be able to communicate directly with our BIRD token holders about upcoming events, promotions and contests that they’ll have exclusive access to in order to gain info and win prizes.

HR and Operations

Positions opening up

At the Bird Nest we are continually nurturing our fledglings by coaching and helping them develop towards their preferred roles, as well as helping to identify their areas of strength and where they best fit to benefit both themselves and the team. Because of this, most of our moderators have grown into other roles within the organization. They’ll still be administering the groups and the community but it may potentially make way for us to be adding additional moderators to help out. We will post on the hiring channel once we decide to proceed to give members of our community the opportunity to partake. As a heads up, members who partake in the ambassador program activities will be given priority as they’ll have completed tasks that are relevant to the role of working with the community and the team.

Welcoming a new member to the nest

We’d like to extend a warm welcome and introduce Eric Korn to the team as the director of our newly launched Ambassador Program. Eric comes from the culinary industry, which requires high levels of task coordination, supply management and execution.

Eric will be working closely with the growth and marketing team to make sure that the Bird Ambassador program is a success. He’s got the full support of the team and has demonstrated his eagerness to participate and take the reins. Join us in welcoming Eric to the nest as we continue to build our team directly from within our own community.

Until next month…

This brings us to the end of this month’s edition of the Bird Calls Community Newsletter. We’ve been extremely happy with the engagement our team has been receiving on our channels and encourage our community to keep it up. To that end, we’ll be scheduling regular fireside chats with Dan and other team members to push the envelope on development, while also gaining clearer insight on the inner workings of the project. As always, a special thanks to our community for the support we continually receive. It’s truly a pleasure to have such a committed force working with us to help grow Bird, and we will strive to maintain the quality of dedication that brought us here.

About Bird

Bird is empowering dApp developers to create the Web3.0 UX of the future by developing wallet-level machine learning prediction products that are accessible within a permissionless, decentralized on-chain oracle. Developers that integrate with our products can, for example, offer variable defi loans or launchpad investment terms based on Bird’s analysis of the wallet’s past behaviors as well as off-chain data streams.

Behavioral prediction products fueled the growth of Web2.0 companies such as Google and Facebook, but centralization had led to power and profit disparities. Combining the power of ML with open and decentralized technologies will enable Bird to create an entirely new tech business model. Operational decisions such as how sensitive data are used and what user behaviors are analyzed can be made by the community (i.e, token holders), with community profit-sharing serving to align the long-term incentives of Bird administrators and ecosystem users.

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