Welcoming Avalanche to AutoSwap! Aggregating $1.6B in Liquidity from 8 DEXes

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It’s not been long since AutoSwap’s integration with Polygon. Today, we are ecstatic to be announcing yet another integration with our DEX aggregator — this time with Avalanche!

Avalanche will be the third chain to be supported on AutoSwap in addition to Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, with our leading DEX aggregator integrating liquidity from 8 leading DEXes on the blazingly fast smart contract platform. With close to $4B in total locked value (TVL) on the platform and 40 supported projects, we are excited to be taking our collaboration with Avalanche to the next level and to be a part of its rapidly expanding ecosystem!

At launch, users will be able to swap from DEXes such as:

Autofarm and Avalanche users alike will be able to trade at the convenience of a single platform, with the steep liquidity of the 8 supported DEXes. This means that a myriad of tokens can be traded across the various Avalanche DEXes, enabling a much wider token variety available for swap. This is coupled with AutoSwap’s intelligent routing system that splits trades to find the most optimal route across DEXes based on their available liquidity, thereby bringing users the best swap rates!

Trade hassle free from one single platform with no additional fees and at the most optimised swap rates there are.

More incoming chains


Avalanche and Polygon are just the tip of the iceberg for AutoSwap! In our vision for AutoSwap to be the go-to DEX aggregator that is seamless, hassle-free and crazy liquid, the Autofarm team is constantly on the lookout for more chains to be integrated with the platform, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

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