Grazing Range Pool #40 — Welcoming ETERNAL to the herd!

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Grazing Range Pool #40 — Welcoming ETERNAL to the herd!

Dear alpacas,

We senior alpacas are excited to welcome our newest addition to the range — CryptoMines!

With this partnership, all you alpacas will be able to open leveraged yield farming positions up to 2x on PancakeSwap’s ETERNAL-BNB pair, which currently yields ~167% APR in CAKE Rewards! The pool will go live on December 2nd, 2021 at 10 AM GMT.

As part of the Grazing Range program, you’ll also be able to stake ibALPACA for $342k USD in ETERNAL rewards which will be distributed over 4 weeks.

Leveraged yield farmers in the ETERNAL-BNB pool will also receive bonus ALPACA rewards, on top of the leveraged yield farming rewards and trading fees.

🎁Grazing Range Reward Details

Total Rewards: 471 ETERNAL (~$342k USD)


ETERNAL Token: 0xD44FD09d74cd13838F137B590497595d6b3FEeA4

Rewards Period: 4+ weeks

Rewards Start Block: 13,138,300 (Approx. Dec 2nd, 2021 10 AM GMT)

Rewards End Block: 13,944,700 (Approx. Dec 30th, 2022 10 AM GMT)

Distribution Schedule:

Exclusive NFT Cards for Pool’s Stakers

To be eligible, you must stake ibALPACA in the ETERNAL Grazing Range pool before December 3rd, 10 AM GMT (1 day after the pool opens) and stake until at least December 30th, 10AM GMT (for 27 days). The NFT tier you receive will be based on the amount of ibALPACA staked.

  • Green Tier: staked at least 500 ibALPACA
  • Silver Tier: staked at least 5,000 ibALPACA
  • Gold Tier: staked at least 50,000 ibALPACA

About CryptoMines

CryptoMines is a SciFi play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting Workers, Spaceships and building Fleets to travel across the universe searching for $ETERNAL, this mineral allows them to live another day and make some profits along the way. CryptoMines aims to be the greatest SciFi game on the Blockchain while letting their users enjoy being a part of a vast Metaverse, the thrill of strategic gameplay, and of course, earn $ETERNAL.

🔒Security Score Card on ETERNAL

Have the contracts been audited by professional auditing firms?

Yes, we have our contracts audited by RD Auditors and Tech Audit. We are also currently working with CertiK. You can find more information including the audit reports here.

What is the project’s inception date?

CryptoMines was launched in September 2021.

Has your project even been involved with a hack or exploit?

No, we have not been involved in any hacks and exploits before. We had our first security audit before we have launched the game, and since then, we have not stopped testing our system. With 3 security audits we have done, we are pretty confident that our system is one of the most secure protocol in the metaverse.

What safety measures are in place to secure your protocols from centralization risk? What contracts are not under timelock? Who has multi-sig?

There is no multi-sig and timelock on game contracts.

Does your token have a maximum supply cap?

Yes, the maximum supply of $ETERNAL is at 5,000,000 tokens. You can find more information about our tokenomics here.

Mint function. If Token does not have maximum supply, how is the mint function controlled?

There is no mint function. $ETERNAL has a fixed supply which can not be increased.

Centralized treasury. If the protocol collects fees, where do they go and how are they controlled? Is there any kind of treasury or insurance fund under centralized control?

The token does not have any additional Fees. In game, there are several fees and taxes that are sent to the rewards pool, so players can keep receiving their rewards in game.

Migration Function. Is there a migration function in the code? Why is this there and how to control this function from making a malicious action

There is no migration function for our contracts.

Upgradeable contracts. Are the contracts upgradeable? Why is this there and how to control this function from making a malicious action?

ETERNAL contract is not upgradeable, but all the game contracts are upgradeable. In order to continue improving the game and adding new features, we need upgradeable contracts for our game. For example, we are currently working on PvP features.

Third-party risk. What underlying external parties do your contracts rely on?

Our game uses randomizing features. For this, we rely on Chainlink VRF for random numbers assurance.

Where are tokens currently listed?

We are listed on the following DEXes: BiSwap, PancakeSwap and ShibaNova.

As for CEXes, we are listed on BitMart, MEXC and LBank.

Please briefly describe the utility of your tokens and all the relevant tokenomics (e.g., burn, staking, locking, etc.)

$ETERNAL serves as the native currency for CryptoMines. Players use $ETERNAL to mint workers, mint spaceships, buying fuel, mint fleets, hire fleets and buying/selling on the CryptoMines Marketplace. We are currently working on staking feature with BiSwap. 64.5% of the tokens are in the reward pools for the game, 15% of the tokens are locked in liquidity. You can find more information here.

Does your token have any advanced mechanics such as deflationary/rebase/reflexive?

No, we do not have those mechanics for our token.

Please share your project’s roadmap

The project has been live for two months so far with several key features for the game. For more information regarding our roadmap, please visit the following link here.

What % of the token supply is/will be controlled by the team

Developer allocation of the token is 20%.

What % of the token supply is controlled by investors? What is the token distribution model?

We do not have token allocation for investors.

Please share the profile of key team members

You can check out the LinkedIn profiles below.

What monitoring or controls do you have in place that could catch issues, halt functions, or delay attacks to protect assets?

We track analytics and monitor all relevant information for CryptoMines, including, but not limited to, token holders, NFT holders, minting stats, claim rewards, players mining, raid participants/rewards, marketplace, and in/out tokens.

Do you have a bug bounty program in place/planned?

We currently don’t have a formal program, however, depending on the severity of the bug we will handsomely reward whoever found it, please contact any member of the Founder team for further information.

Safety practices. Is there someone dedicated to security on the team? Does your git include your test/QA scripts? Describe your current IS/QA processes? Will you commit to auditing your code at least quarterly/semi-annually/annually and for major updates and releases?

We do not have a dedicated team for security purpose; however, we do have several tests to verify each iteration maintains retro-compatibility.

Currently, our QA consists of an initial round of internal QA with all the development team, after that, we choose around 50 players within our community and moderators to test all of our new features.

To learn more about CryptoMines, you can visit their official communication channels:

Website · Twitter · Instagram · Discord · Telegram · Docs

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