Ethereum Mining Now Live, DAO Voting for Growth Roadmap to Take Place Next Week

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Dec 1 · 2 min read

We are excited to share that rUSD minting is now available on the Ethereum network!

The rUSD cross-chain bridge between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum will be ready within December, which means that rUSD liquidity can be freely transferable across major DeFi ecosystems once it goes live.

RAMP Transition and Integration with DeFi 2.0 on Ethereum

The DeFi landscape has evolved significantly since the public launch of RAMP in October 2020.

Core infrastructure and platforms, primarily swaps and lending protocols, were developed in the initial growth phase of DeFi.

The subsequent evolution, dubbed by many as DeFi 2.0, has seen significant growth traction in two core areas: 1) Curve wars and 2) protocol-owned liquidity.


In a nutshell, Curve wars have stablecoin protocols vying for CRV gauge emissions on Curve to power liquidity growth, with Curve governance being significantly influenced by the Convex Finance community.

Protocol-owned liquidity, on the other hand, places a focus on acquiring yield generating assets to be owned by the DAO treasury, and have the yield and asset growth feed back into the protocol ecosystem.

As part of the RAMP 2.0 roadmap, the growth strategy for Ethereum focuses on how RAMP can adapt the existing platform and offerings to integrate with the existing, and thriving, DeFi 2.0 ecosystem on Ethereum.

The plans for RAMP Ethereum’s growth strategy shall be uploaded in full next week on the RAMP DAO platform for community voting.

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