Busy Bunnies NFT Chapter 1 Closing Soon!

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Hello Bunny Fam!

Congratulations to all of you Diamond Bunnies out there in Bunnyland who have successfully minted your Busy Bunny NFT’s! Thank you for helping kick off the Community’s 1st Anniversary Celebration!

In response to the Community’s generous feedback and questions, we will be pausing the mint of our Busy Bunny NFTs to share further details about the collection with the Community and to implement the following:

  1. Busy Bunny roadmap details, clarifying rarity and inventory information for Busy Bunnies already minted and those that will be minted over the next few weeks;
  2. Description and implementation timeline for Busy Bunny functional benefits on PancakeBunny;
  3. Launch the 1st Anniversary Token drop; and
  4. Launch the first run of our Bunny X Trefethen 1st Anniversary Wine NFT drops, a unique collection of 9 one-of-one bottlings of Trefethen Family Vineyard’s award-winning 2018 Cabernet!

Team Bunny is particularly excited about our Bunny X Trefethen collab. It is the first drop of our real-world NFT’s, and will usher in a new era of trading and redemption of real assets using the Cantata NFT 2.0 platform. Team Bunny is proud to be working with Trefethen Family Vineyards to drop the first real-world wine NFT’s that are explicitly designed to operate as investments in fine wine.

We are also equally proud to be bringing you NFT 2.0 on the Binance Smart Chain. We are firmly committed to working with Binance to make the BSC the preferred blockchain to drop, trade and redeem real-world NFT’s, taking advantage of its greater efficiency over Ethereum and its greater reliability, security, and robustness over Solana and Polygon.


Stay tuned for more exciting NFT 2.0 drops and for further information on how the integration of NFT 2.0 and PancakeBunny will make it possible for the Community to earn diversified yields that combine 1) DeFi returns on PancakeBunny and the BSC with 2) real-world appreciation of Trefethen’s 2021’s World’s Best Cabernet IRL! (Learn more here!)

The minting of Busy Bunny will close in approximately 24 hours, or more precisely, 72 hours after the initial launch of this first minting period. Please stay tuned for more information in upcoming posts about the Busy Bunny roadmap, rarities, inventories, and PancakeBunny functionality!

For more details about our on-going collaboration with Trefethen Family Vineyards and future collaborations with top brands and content creators, stay connected with PancakeBunny, Trefethen, and Cantata on our socials.

And remember, Bunny Fam, as always — Keep Calm and HOP ON!


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One of Napa Valley’s pioneering wineries, Trefethen Family Vineyards crafts distinguished estate-grown wines that express the unique spirit of their land, vines, and people. The dedication of the Trefethen family is manifest in every aspect of the operation, from the soil to the table, including sustainable farming, thoughtful winemaking and gracious hospitality. Learn more about the Trefethen Family Vineyards here!


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