Reef.js Extension Now Available for Firefox

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Nov 24 · 2 min read

Building on the Substrate and Polkadot community’s efforts, Reef is happy to announce that the Reef.js browser extension is now available for Firefox!

Visit Mozilla’s Add-Ons store to download Reef.js today.

This browser extension release marks another step towards Reef’s independence, relying less and less on existing codebases, while working towards Reef’s original goal of making DeFi easy, alongside its new primary mission of building a dApp platform that is reliable, extensible, efficient and fast.

Installing the Firefox browser extension only takes a few moments. Once launched, you will be greeted with a familiar interface, and a friendly walkthrough for creating your first account, along with security and safety reminders.

Screenshots of Reef.js Browser Extension

We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before. Now that the browser extension is available in this experimental form, the Reef development team is beginning to iterate to provide a better, cleaner, more friendly user experience, making good on promises made previously to deliver amazing experiences.

We encourage you to install the experimental extension and provide feedback to the team using this form. No personal data will be collected, but the best feedback will be eligible for REEF mainnet tokens in appreciation for providing constructive, actionable feedback!


Happy testing!

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