Ignition: SUSHI Token Reactor Deposits Live

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The Sushi (SUSHI) Token Reactor is now (finally) live for deposits. Many thanks to the Sushi community for voting to make this happen, and the Sushi team for their support. You may now begin depositing SUSHI and earn TOKE on tokemak.xyz

tAsset Reminder

All Token Reactor deposits give you 1:1 tABC assets that are a claim on the underlying deposited assets. If you deposit 10 SUSHI, you will receive 10 tSUSHI tokens. Please keep in mind you’ll need these tAssets to withdraw your deposited assets. Additionally, the wallet that holds the tAssets will be the wallet to which TOKE rewards accrue.

While deposits are now live, active liquidity deployment is not — meaning your SUSHI tokens are not being utilized as liquidity just yet. Tokemak’s active liquidity deployment will begin soon, so stay tuned for more information as we approach that phase.

Cycles Reminder

Tokemak operates on Cycles. These Cycles are currently set to ~24 hours (daily), with weekly claimable TOKE rewards. When liquidity deployment goes live late Q4, a Cycle will be set to a weeks time, with TOKE still claimable weekly.

If you deposit assets into a Token Reactor, you won’t begin to accrue TOKE rewards until the start of the next Cycle, so be sure to get your SUSHI deposited before the start of the next Cycle (indicated on the front page of the UI). Additionally, if you request to withdraw your assets, you won’t be able to fully withdraw them until the start of the next Cycle.

C.o.R.E.2. Reactors

The process is underway coordinating the collateralization of the winning Reactors from C.o.R.E.2. — stand by for updates on that!


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