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Hello, Biswap Family!

Biswap platform had a very busy week featuring a variety of Majestic Releases and stunning events!

Robi presents a list of the brightest and most significant ones. Let’s review the energetic Biswap evolution of this week together!


Epic Biswap NFT Marketplace is here! The Grand Release full of stunning features has been launched and the Biswap ecosystem was gratefully expanded. Hundreds of thousands of users have been waiting for it eagerly. And here it comes!

Biswap NFT Marketplace boasts such competitive hallmarks:

  • Lowest commission fee of 1%
  • Commission Return: 50% to buyer and 50% to the seller in Robi Boost
  • Exclusive NFT Auction: each participant earns 5% from the price difference gap between his and the next bid
  • Unique Biswap NFT Collection for purchase: stake NFTs from Biswap NFT Collection in the NFT Staking Pool on Biswap and get up to 1 000% APR
  • ​​New Burning Mechanism:

🔥 50% from 1% commission fee goes to Weekly BSW Token Burn

🔥 0.5% Royalty Fee goes to Weekly BSW Token Burn.

Read the details about a variety of other sensational features:

This magnificent release is strategically important for Biswap evolution! It will positively influence the platform development in DeFi and increase the BSW price & value!

Discover the mind-blowing and revolutionary Biswap NFT Marketplace benefits and trade NFTs in BSW, WBNB, USDT, BUSD:


Epic releases lead Biswap to the moon!

NFT Staking on Biswap is an effective opportunity to earn diverse tokens in a form of passive income. This week the pool become more profitable as more tokens joined the pool and daily distribution increased accordingly.

New BFG token was added to the NFT Staking Pool on Biswap. Our strategic partner BetFury sponsored 5 000 000 BFG to the NFT Staking Pool with the distribution of 55 555 BFG per day.

BFG tokens will be available for earning in the pool only for 90 days! Don’t miss the limited offer and benefits of such a lucrative prospect:


Now Earn 4 Mighty Tokens — BSW, BNB, USDT, and BFG!

Biswap increased the number of BSW,USDT, WBNB tokens in the NFT Staking Pool!

Here is the upgraded Daily Token Distribution:

  • 7 500 BSW per day
  • 2 000 USDT per day
  • 3 WBNB per day
  • 55 555 BFG per day

A giant up to 900% APR is also here!

Stake NFTs — earn jumbo profits! In four tokens now:

Stay tuned to get new lucrative ways of boosting your crypto on Biswap!

The 21st Weekly Token Burn of 1 009 860 BSW tokens (~$1 292 621) included: 743 035 BSW from Trading Fees, 166 856 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers, 13 742 BSW from Auto compound performance fee, 21 426 BSW from Biswap Lottery purchased tickets, 64 800 BSW from NFT Sales Revenue.

📚More details in Biswap Docs:

Let’s enjoy the sparkles of the BSW Burn!

The swell number of active Biswappers increases every day!
According to the DeBank statistics, recently we reached a new milestone!

🎉200 000+ Active Users on Biswap DEX!

Check this new ATH on DeBank:

Such a bright metric motivates the Biswap team to focus on setting new important milestones in the DeFi. We are grateful to regularly see new members in our dynamically evolving community!

Together to the moon!

Many Biswappers know the perks of being a Liquidity Provider, and that’s why they earn lots of crypto!

Providing Liquidity on Biswap has many lucrative benefits:

  • Earn BSW from the enabled Farms
  • Get 50% Fee Reward of 0.1% exchange fee from each swap made on the platform

Let’s take a look at the outstanding profits of Liquidity Providers on Biswap:

💰$9 300 000+ from Fee Rewards

💰$108 000 000+ from Farms in BSW tokens

This number is significantly increasing with every second! Don’t miss your chance to launch a profitable Passive income on Biswap:


Become a Liquidity Provider and earn high yields easily!

Biswap constantly adds tokens, that are gaining popularity and have a high potential. In such a way Biswap creates new lucrative opportunities for the users.

Check out newly listed tokens on our DEX:

  • SOL — powerful token of the Solana network
  • AVAX — strong token of the Avalanche network
  • BNX — popular token with great trading volume, which just got listed on Binance
  • NEAR — progressive token which ranks TOP 50 on CoinMarketCap

Providing Liquidity is beneficial: get BSW in return from Farms, as also a 50% Fee Reward of 0.1% exchange fee from each swap:

Earn mightly by using Biswap Farms with a Multiplier.

  • 0.2X | SOL-BNB
  • 0.2X | AVAX-BNB
  • 0.15X | BNX-BNB
  • 0.15X | NEAR-BNB


New tokens are a great option for making huge profits, as their popularity is their forte!

A glorious $BTCB Launchpool is active again on Biswap!

It’s a smooth way to launch a mighty passive income & get well-known tokens!
Earn $BTCB easily by staking esteemed BSW tokens:


Check out the profitmaking benefits:

  • High APR
  • Unlimited Max Stake

Biswap Launchpools are popular because of the high yields they bring!

Biswap is enthralled to announce a new collaboration boost with AlturaNFT!
Experience the magic ALU Trading Competition & a vivid KEY Twitter Event to get lots of vigorous rewards.

ALU Trading Competition
Trade ALU tokens to rank the leading place and share $16 000 in BSW & Keys Prize Pool:
Show your trading skills on Biswap!

  • 100 random winners will get 1 Key each to Altura’s NFT Loot Box.
  • 75 of 100 winners will get extra $10 in ALU & $10 in BSW each.

Check the conditions here:
👉 https://forms.gle/ThxGAECVEZ9hKf8d7

📖Read the details about collaborative events on Biswap Zendesk:


Don’t miss the chance to get crypto in such easy yet profitable events!

Here are the fresh results of the 20th Sharing Season Week!

Let’s check out the corking numbers:

  • 8 901 total participants
  • 5 031 #biswap_earn tweets
  • 3 870 #biswap_exchange tweets were shared in the OFFICIAL Biswap Twitter!

The list of 202 fortunate winners, who won valuable BSW tokens:


📑Read how to engage in this joyful event:

Share your Biswap experience in the 21st Sharing Season and claim valuable rewards!

The 9th Weekly Lottery Competition got done! The fortunate Biswappers received esteemed BSW rewards to their competition balances.

Check out these numbers at these corking numbers:

  • 1 157 users took part in the Biswap Lottery Competition
  • 100 Biswappers shared $1 888 in BSW.

The mightiest winner with the highest tickets volume and his BSW reward:

🥇1st place — $566.3 in BSW

Check your ranking here:

Show your lucky power in the 10th Weekly Lottery Competition:

Lottery ticket is a vivid way to make your day brighter!

As you see, Biswap reaches new immense milestones every week! Stay tuned to not miss lucrative opportunities from the top-notch DEX!

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