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#WenNewsSer Announcement 04 😉📰

It’s clear to see that ApeSwap has been growing in leaps and bounds. It seems like almost every day now we are announcing a new partnership. 🚀

These partners are a key reason we are so excited to get up every morning to start the day. Thanks to these invaluable connections we have been able to procure, we thought it would be irresponsible not to capitalize on the opportunity to connect and integrate with them.

We have been exploring the idea of expanding our ecosystem for months now and we finally have landed the answer. 💡

Introducing Powered by ApeSwap 🐵

So What is Powered by ApeSwap? 🧐

Powered by ApeSwap is the newest initiative we would like to share with you and we could never have done this on our own!

To show our appreciation for our closest partners we will be giving this label to select projects who’ve been working closely with our team. These projects have taken huge steps to integrate us into their platforms, making ApeSwap a core part of their business.


ApeSwap can best be described as a family, or even an ecosystem of projects under the same roof working in synergy. If you see a project with the label “Powered by ApeSwap”, know that they are very close to the family, honoring our brand, mission and vision. 🙌

We intend to keep moving forward, growing our ecosystem and connecting with more of these close partners in the future, so keep an eye out!

Specifically, Powered by ApeSwap means:

1. Fully Powered by the ApeSwap DEX 💪

2. Unique addition to ApeSwap’s full DeFi offering 🚀

3. A commitment to Security, Support, Activity and Excellence 😎

How does this grow the Jungle? 🐵

At ApeSwap, it is our view that to continue forward at the rate we have been we must find new, sustainable ways to expand. We have found that the larger the jungle grows, the more needs we are able to fill for our new partners, with the ultimate goal of encompassing as many facets of DeFi under one roof as we can. 🏡

Looking forward, the plan is to be a one stop shop for all of your DeFi needs — DK, Chief of Biz Dev

Because we are a DEX, we are uniquely positioned as somewhat of a hub for the biggest and best projects on BSC. We have found that this puts us in a great spot to support many brilliant teams. In turn we have also found that we have received lots of support and help from many of these same teams.

Tangibly what does this look like? 👀

Note! Powered by ApeSwap projects are not ones that we have created ourselves or directly own, instead they are partners who believe in our vision.

We are currently aligning with a number of partner projects that are eligible for the official “Powered By ApeSwap” title. 🤜🤛

These projects will meet specific requirements to wear this badge and will receive support above and beyond our typical partnerships.

We’ll be officially announcing the projects that are “Powered by ApeSwap” very soon, so stay tuned!

With so much love,
– Crimson Chimp 😎
– DK 😛

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