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#WenNewsSer Announcement 03 (Part II) 😉📰

Many people have been wondering how ApeSwap has grown so large so quickly with so few apes. 🤔

The answer is simple… Apes are 10X stronger than humans. 🤷‍♀

It’s only thanks to these apes contributing to the core protocol, and all of you amazing monkeys that make up our beautiful community that we‘ve been able to reach the point we are at today. As a newer addition to the team myself, it warms my heart to see this community in action. From day one, the team expresses an unparalleled level of camaraderie that I’ve never seen before in my life. 💪

If you’ve ever played “Barrel of monkeys” as a kid, you understand that the first is not more important than the last, the point is just to support one another and grow that chain as big and strong as possible. From community members, to users, to the team itself, that feeling of hierarchy plaguing the corporate world ceases to exist here. What it is replaced with is a common shared goal to do your part in creating an ecosystem that we all truly believe this world needs. ❤️

Starting from just 5 co-founders, ApeSwap has managed to grow into a team of 30 apes and over 60 community managers, each unique, each integral to every aspect of our growth. This growth has not been achieved with the goal of speed, but rather these apes have been each deliberately hand picked with the same meticulous care ApeSwap puts into everything. We remain at a beautiful balance between feeling understaffed (seriously devs HMU!) and feeling like everyone can handle everything you throw at them. It’s a beautiful symbiosis

Community + Admins

The community team is at the heart of our entire Jungle. They are the ones that have fostered this beautiful family we have.


It’s no doubt that Obie Dobo’s beautiful face has attracted us all to this weird family. We are not conventional, we don’t “fit the mold” per se. We are an open environment for all animals of all shapes, backgrounds and geographies. From the biggest degen, to the most sophisticated trader, we are all apes, and everyone is welcome here. ApeSwap is also the only fair launch DEX on BSC, built by apes for apes, and truly decentralized.

Our community team is stronger than ever. It includes over 60 community managers (who we cannot thank enough 🙌), and a number of core team members, from the OG’s like Chimpin Chimp and Jim Ben, to the newer recruits like Langki, Banaetty, Reckon and Beeridiceos!

Fun Fact: All of our community managers have worked their way onto the Community team, meaning they all are here out of love for our ApeSwap family and admins at one point in time!

Biz Dev

The biz dev team is the place where much of the external interactions take place. This includes things like fielding all inbound partnerships, reaching out to different projects and connecting different sections of the jungle to one another.

It’s also a place where many fancy calculations and due diligence work takes place. Each of these operations rely on each other to keep pushing forward. A big shout out to the OG Biz Dev apes who got this thing started including DK (my editor), Julian and Apegineer. This team wouldn’t be complete however without the newbies, Alpha Rho, Ash, Tarzan, and The Crimson Chimp (myself).

Fun Fact: ApeSwap has averaged more than 1 partnership every 2 days since its birth!


As you can plainly see, we have the highest octane marketing team on BCS. I don’t know how they pulled these superstars, but my assumption is that after one lucky break, talent follows talent.

Starting with achieving the first, and only verified DEX on twitter, to almost achieving 200k followers completely organically in just a few months, there’s not much more you can ask of these guys.

Started by OG’s Rafiki and Diddy Kong, and followed up by The lanky kong, King Louie, and Ham, and it’s best to just listen to these studs and do what they ask of you. 😊

Fun Fact: We are the only DEX that sheds light on our partners in such a high degree!


If it weren’t for these guys we literally wouldn’t have a product, so it’s safe to say these apes are pretty important to myself and the team in general. From creating the interface that you all know and love, making secure smart contracts, to ensuring that the website actually works, this team has no shortage of work to do.

If you ever look at the web page and think hmm I wish this pointless feature were here, guess what, they’re probably working on it already. A very special shoutout to the big brainy apes from the dev team, including three of our cofounders Harambe Nakamoto, Apeguru, and Apetastic. In addition we have Casor, Tiki Dude, and Blockchain Monster. Also huge shoutout to our frond end designers, IM$ & Borislimba!

Fun Fact: We are looking for more devs! Reach out to the Obie Dobo to start contributing!

As you can see, ApeSwap truly has a team of incredible Apes!

From an ape that couldn't be happier on the core team,
– The Crimson Chimp ❤️🐵

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