Announcing Ankrscan, the New Multi-Chain Explorer

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Nov 5 · 3 min read

Ankr is on a mission to provide the best multi-chain developer tools that anyone can use to start building on Web3. Ankrscan is our latest product that gives anyone the opportunity to view wallet addresses, transaction hashes, and block information across multiple blockchains with a single click.

Find the Ankrscan multichain block explorer at

Ankrscan plays an important role in the armada of multi-chain tools that we are putting in the hands of blockchain developers. In conjunction with our Public Multi-RPC and Ankr Protocol, Ankrscan provides yet another way to seamlessly interact with blockchain data — for free — with no need for login details or any other personal information.

Ankrscan is a multi-chain browser with unique features, and we are excited to share it with a rapidly growing number of visitors. Networks currently supported by Ankrscan include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Kusama, Arbitrum, HECO, OKExchain and xDai.

How Does Ankrscan Work?

Part of the beauty of blockchain is that all transactions are stored on their respective chains in an open and transparent manner. Blockchain nodes store copies of all the information that is a part of these digital ledgers, but it is difficult to access this info unless you are running a node. Ankrscan pulls information from blockchain nodes on 11 different networks and combines it into an easily accessible search engine that anyone can view, explore, and query at any time.

Block explorers like Ankrscan and Etherscan act as search engines to provide a view of the transactions and activities that are occurring on blockchains. But unlike Etherscan, Ankrscan compiles and relays information from many different networks, not just the Ethereum chain.


Key Features

  • View NFT transaction data
  • Access information from multiple chains without needing different block explorers
  • Easily filter results to find data for particular TX hashes, addresses, or blocks

How Can You Use Ankrscan?

Blockchain and crypto users, traders, and developers frequently reference block explorers to see the status of their recent transactions and measure the pulse of on-chain activity to gauge the overall trends. Block explorers offer a clear way to explore on-chain data and browse a wealth of insights and opportunities. Use Ankrscan to:

  • Observe activity across 11 different blockchains
  • See the status of the latest transactions across multiple chains
  • View the latest transactions hashes
  • Keep track of the latest gas fees and transaction fees
  • Develop your own dApps by determining features you should include
  • View information related to mining transactions
  • Analyze market activity that influences blockchain growth

This information can be incredibly important to both crypto users and blockchain developers, which is why we must create platforms and tools to access it in the simplest ways possible.

What’s Next?

Ankrscan will continue to be a completely free and open block explorer, and we will continue to increase its capabilities over time. In the future, we will allow for API access to the data to enable more projects to display information from Ankrscan directly on their applications. Additionally, we will provide more advanced data pulled from the Ankr Protocol for multi-chain insights that will inform developers and investors alike.

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