Monthly Update / October 2021

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Dear Pera Family,

It’s been a while since the last time our paths crossed, so you might be wondering how we are keeping up to the PERA Odyssey standards.

This month, acknowledging that our followers might have concerns regarding the effectiveness and the approach of our marketing strategy, we worked heavily on marketing and communication in addition to ongoing development studies.

Regarding the marketing strategy;

We understand decentralized finance is just beginning, not yet matured, not a fully comprehensible concept. Yet, as DeFi continues to evolve, Pera Finance aims to prove its place in it.

We are well aware that if the community is not sufficiently informed on Pera’s mechanics, several problems may arise, hence, to avoid this situation we are working day and night to simplify the mechanics of Pera and DeFi to share our knowledge with the community.


To achieve that, we will be increasing the number of infographics and explanations on our social media accounts.

Regarding our communication strategy;

We have just begun working with an excited and experienced marketing partner on Blockchain technology and decentralized finance. The first order of business with this collaboration is to alter our brand identity and communication strategy.

Thus, soon enough we will be sharing our new and improved:

  • New brand identity,
  • Global marketing communication approaches,
  • New media channels to contact our fellow followers.

As teased before, we are also working on youtube and discord to keep our community in touch with the project team.

This is what we have been working on so far regarding the marketing aspect, but marketing isn’t the only thing that we’ve been working on. Our developers and branding experts are working hard to improve Pera.

Regarding the development process;

As you are well aware, Pera native token is a proof-of-concept to prove to the community that our filter and sort mechanism works as intended and yet, Pera decentralized competitions are not integrated into any exchanges or projects other than Pera.

Our main goal is to complete the integration of decentralized competitions with other projects and exchanges. To achieve this, currently, we are trying to develop the best algorithm possible by discussing all the mechanics with our previously announced partners.

Upon completion, Pera holders will be the ones who earn service fees which are generated by the integration of trading competitions.

Please note that, once the competition parameters such as the burn mechanism are set and ready to go, our marketing strategy will change drastically to explain what Pera is offering to other projects and exchanges.


For the NFT part, Pera Finance is collaborating with some of the organizations in the blockchain ecosystem. This, as you may guess, is not part of Pera Finance’s development and will be a non-profit side-project to provide the social values we believe in. Please stay tuned for the upcoming announcements by the team.

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