Grazing Range Pool #29 — Welcoming CryptoBlades (SKILL) to the herd!

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Grazing Range Pool #29 — Welcoming CryptoBlades (SKILL) to the herd!

Dear alpacas,

We senior alpacas are excited to welcome our newest addition to the range — CryptoBlades!

All you young alpacas will be able to stake ibALPACA for $129k USD in SKILL rewards, which will be distributed over 4 weeks in the Grazing Range. The pool will go live on Oct 28th, 2021 at 10 AM GMT. As usual for a Grazing Range pool, you will also have a chance to earn exclusive NFTs if you meet the staking criteria.

A leveraged yield farming pool for SKILL may be supported in the future if it meets the minimum liquidity requirements.

🎁Grazing Range Reward Details

Total Rewards: 9,405 SKILL (~$129k USD)

SKILL Token: 0x154a9f9cbd3449ad22fdae23044319d6ef2a1fab

Rewards Period: 4+ weeks


Rewards Start Block: 12,652,000 (Approx. Oct 28th, 2021 10 AM GMT)

Rewards End Block: 12,971,600 (Approx. Nov 25rd, 2021 10 AM GMT)

Distribution Schedule:

Exclusive NFT Cards for Pool’s Stakers

To be eligible, you must stake ibALPACA in the SKILL Grazing Range pool before October 29th, 10 AM GMT (1 day after the pool opens) and stake until at least November 25th, 10 AM GMT (for 27 days). The NFT tier you receive will be based on the amount of ibALPACA staked.

  • Green Tier: staked at least 500 ibALPACA
  • Silver Tier: staked at least 5,000 ibALPACA
  • Gold Tier: staked at least 50,000 ibALPACA

About CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes who wield them. Players may participate in combat using their assets to earn SKILL tokens.

Assets are player-owned NFTs minted to the ERC-721 standard, and may be traded on the proprietary marketplace.

CryptoBlades utilizes a play-to-earn model by distributing SKILL through gameplay, and giving value to player NFTs by increasing their use through future features.

🔒Security Score Card on SKILL

Have the contracts been audited by professional auditing firms?

We’ve received an audit from RD Auditors.

What is the project’s inception date?

CryptoBlades’ SKILL IDO was held on the 11th of April, 2021.

Has your project even been involved with a hack or exploit?

There was an NFT minting exploitation, but the issue had been localized and resolved.

What safety measures are in place to secure your protocols from centralization risk? What contracts are not under timelock? Who has multi-sig?

Our liquidity is locked, and only the multi-sig address has access to our treasury fund. The multi-sig is handled by our four founders.

Does your token have a maximum supply cap?

Yes, SKILL has a maximum supply of 1,000,000 tokens. You can verify it here.

Mint function. If Token does not have maximum supply, how is the mint function controlled?

The mint function has been revoked.

Centralized treasury. If the protocol collects fees, where do they go and how are they controlled? Is there any kind of treasury or insurance fund under centralized control?

The protocol does not charge any fees.

Migration Function. Is there a migration function in the code? Why is this there and how to control this function from making a malicious action?

There is no migration function in the smart contract.

Upgradeable contracts. Are the contracts upgradeable? Why is this there and how to control this function from making a malicious action?

All our contracts are not upgradable.

Third-party risk. What underlying external parties do your contracts rely on?

Our CryptoBlades game is hosted on Netlify.

Where are tokens currently listed?


  • Bibox
  • MEXC
  • LBank


  • PancakeSwap
  • ApeSwap
  • JSwap
  • ButterSwap
  • DODO

Please briefly describe the utility of your tokens and all the relevant tokenomics (e.g., burn, staking, locking, etc.)

SKILL Tokens are used exclusively for the sale of CryptoBlades Characters (CBC) and CryptoBlades Weapons (CBW). The NFTs are used to earn SKILL as rewards from the game.

More on our tokenomics here.

Does your token have any advanced mechanics such as deflationary/rebase/reflexive?


Please share your project’s roadmap

You can find our project roadmap here.

What % of the token supply is/will be controlled by the team?


What % of the token supply is controlled by investors? What is the token distribution model?

0% since we do not have any investors.

Please share the profile of key team members

You can find the list of our key team members at the bottom section of

What monitoring or controls do you have in place that could catch issues, halt functions, or delay attacks to protect assets?

Our assets are all controlled via a smart contract which has code in place to reduce this.

Do you have a bug bounty program in place/planned?

Yes, we have a bug bounty program. You can find more details about the program here.

Safety practices. Is there someone dedicated to security on the team? Does your git include your test/QA scripts? Describe your current IS/QA processes? Will you commit to auditing your code at least quarterly/semi-annually/annually and for major updates and releases?

Yes, we have an in-depth pull-request system for all code changes that make it to the smart chain or our front-end.

To learn more about CryptoBlades, you can visit their official communication channels:

Website · Telegram · Twitter · Discord · Github

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