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The Biswap team constantly searches for new ways of advancement and analyses the DeFi industry. Via the precise evaluation, it is vivid that the market is moving in the prospect of such spheres: NFT (Earn), GameFi (Play to Earn), and Strategic Partnerships between strong projects. Those spheres have epic volumes and thousands of active users on Binance Smart Chain.

In addition, the team thoroughly monitors requests from the Biswap community and has received a great number of requests concerning the implementation of new directions which are highly popular in DeFi.

Each one of you is the main navigator in the development of the global Biswap DEX. All your support and energetic spirit inspire us to make aims real. Your active participation in the decision-making with Biswap like the Community Voting has shown incredible result: Binance Labs has officially announced the strategic investment in the improvement of Biswap!

Such outcomes of the synergy between the project and community when both support one idea motivates us to reach even higher peaks and we are extremely grateful for all of that!

Understanding and mutual respect between Biswappers and the project itself is vital for continuous movement ahead in the DeFi industry. Our main goal is to build a robust and safe Biswap ecosystem, where you, our community, will get the highest quality, profitable, and interesting crypto experience.


Due to the reason that together we look in the same direction and you support our decisions, we want to evolve in popular directions like NFT (Earn), GameFi (Play to Earn), and Strategic Partnerships.

Advantages of the Biswap evolvement in the popular directions:

🌐 Powerful, safe, and greater Biswap ecosystem

🌐 New levels and records in DeFi

🌐 Strengthening of the BSW token

🌐 Involvement hundreds of thousands of new users to Biswap DEX

🌐 Lucrative and beneficial opportunities for community

🌐 Huge partnerships possibilities

🌐 Greater volumes and positive statistics

🌐 Immense BSW token burnings

Epic and successful releases require a substantial amount of resources. In order to release the prospective directions of NFT (Earn), GameFi (Earn to Play), and Strategic Partnerships in the Biswap ecosystem, it is necessary to affect the BSW tokenomics by redistributing 70 million BSW tokens for those purposes.

In the meantime, 6 million BSW tokens got used, during 5 months, out of 100 million BSW tokens allocated for Transaction Fee Mining (Fee Return) in BSW tokenomics. After the accurate analysis, we see that this amount is a lot for the Fee Return. Instead, by taking the dynamic speed of development of the DeFi sector into account, we offer: redistribute 70 million BSW from the Transaction Fee Mining pool.

📍This amount will be redistributed gradually over a substantial period.

It will be the most rational way to integrate new directions to Biswap with gradual redistribution of those 70 million BSW tokens.

As a result, 24 million BSW will be left for Fee Return after Biswap uses 70 million to expand the ecosystem of the project and provide new products for Biswappers. Thus, there are needed assets available in BSW tokenomics to implement new directions with no time waste or any decrease of crypto benefits for users on Biswap.

Max Supply: 700 000 000 BSW tokens

600 million BSW tokens are allocated as follows:

80.7% — Farms & Launchpools

4.3 % — Referral Program

5 % — Investment Fund

1 % — SAFU (Security Asset Fund for Users)

9 % — Team

100 million BSW tokens will be redistributed:

  • 70 million BSW for NFT (Earn), GameFi (Play to Earn), and Strategic Partnerships
  • 30 million BSW for Transaction Fee Mining.

The rest of the Fee Return pool left after the changes in BSW tokenomics (24 million BSW tokens) is a substantial amount that will continue to reward Biswappers, along with mighty NFT (Earn), GameFi (Play to Earn), and Strategic Partnerships releases implemented for further globalization of the Biswap DEX!

The Biswap team is thankful for your support and dynamic participation!

The future depiction of Biswap tokenomics in favor of new Biswap directions only shows that modifications won’t negatively influence users’ earnings or opportunities on Biswap. This reason will allow Biswap to reach new heights and will broaden the range of opportunities for each Biswapper.

The time has come to share your vote and impact the advancement of Biswap DEX in the DeFi universe.

📍If the number of votes will be 51% or more, the Biswap team will immediately start working on the new directions and modification of the BSW tokenomics.

Let’s enhance the growth of Biswap and conquer new levels together!

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