Prolific Fifth Month of Biswap! | Impressive DEX Achievements!

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Every month the platform continues to delight users with its confident and rapid development! Many milestones have already been achieved, and we strive to be a leader in the world of DeFi!

Let’s recall together the monthly Biswap progress!

Great Thank You to the Amiable Biswap Community!

And before the Monthly Review, the Biswap team would like to cordially thank all the users for the active participation in the development of the platform, feedback, and constant support! Your dynamic energy motivates the Biswap team to reach new peaks and head further in DeFi. Together we create a large and powerful synergy that positively affects the Biswap progress and increases the BSW value!

Mind-Blowing Accomplishments — Biswap Reached Important Milestones!

Biswap is thrilled to announce the name of its powerful investor — Binance Labs, which is the venture capital and incubator of Binance!


Binance Labs has always been committed to supporting fast-executing, technical teams who positively affect the crypto space, build decentralized web, and help the BSC ecosystem grow. This strategic funding will be used for the purpose of accelerating the growth of Biswap, the BSC network, and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

📃Discover the details in the Binance Blog:

🤝The whole team of Biswap would like to express words of gratitude to every single member of our international family for the patience and support. Commitment to those we serve along with the security of our users has always been one of our top priorities.

Over two months ago the Biswap team had arranged the Community Voting on the subject of changes to the current tokenomics and creation of a separate pool for the Biswap investors called Investment Fund.

Due to the decision supported by over 82% of users during the Community Voting, the BSW tokenomics is now altered to quickly begin cooperation with the Biswap investor, which will bring additional benefits for you as a BSW holder in a long-term perspective:

  • 80.7% — Farms & Launchpools
  • 4.3% — Referral Program
  • 5% — Investment Fund
  • 1% — SAFU (Security Asset Fund for Users)
  • 9% — Team

Thank you, for supporting the global project on its way to development in the wide expanding BSC network and positively influencing the improvement by voting for the option of the Investment Fund deployment in BSW tokenomics which will notably increase the Biswap potential and take it to new levels in DeFi.

Access all the details here:

Two high-powered releases will be launched on the Biswap platform this November! They will positively impact the project and the $BSW value in DeFi.

Biswap NFT Marketplace:

  • The Lowest Commission Fee
  • NFT Launchpad
  • Additional Deflationary Mechanism
  • New Opportunities for Partners and Partnerships
  • NFT Marketplace Staking Pool
  • Diverse Ways to Purchase & Sell
  • Creative Design
  • Auction
  • Striking Utility for BSW token

Profitable Biswap NFT Earn:

  • Limited Biswap NFT Collection
  • Stake Biswap NFT & Earn Tokens (BSW, BNB, BUSD, and partners’ tokens)
  • Upgrade NFT with Robi Boosts

Find all details in Biswap Zendesk:

Epic NFT releases will come live soon! Stay tuned!🚀

The platform is evolving and attracting new powerful partners! Joint efforts bring great results and lucrative opportunities to users!

Meet the new partners of the Biswap platform! Together we reach new heights in the world of DeFi!

⚡️ Altura — a smart contract platform that allows game developers to mint, distribute, and transact Smart NFTs representing in-game items.

⚡️ Zoo-Crypto World — a leading & innovative NFT project that uses animal-based NFTs as the main gaming element.

⚡️ CryptoMines — an NFT SciFi game that offers the users an opportunity to roam through the vast universe on mighty Spaceships, with a crew of devoted workers and search for crypto.

⚡️ Pinecone — a BSC-based yield optimizer protocol, responsible for sustainable and user-friendly single-asset farming via multiple strategies.

⚡️ Kalata — the BSC-based mainstay of Synthetic Asset issuance and transaction agreements, that allows everyone to experience real-world financial assets. KALATA is also a derivative trading and mortgage lending platform for decentralized synthetic assets.

⚡️ CryptoBay — a leading metaverse game platform on BSC, that gives a chance to earn while playing.

⚡️ Airnfts — a BSC-based NFT Marketplace, that holds its focus on the users’ experience.

⚡️ CryptoZoon — a complete NFT platform of digital creatures, based on the Binance Smart Chain.

⚡️ Yieldwatch — is a smart DeFi dashboard that lets you track your yield farming, lending, and liquidity pool performance on BSC.

Biswap platform always expands the utilities, check out the new ones!

Now, you can easily track high APRs, prices, transactions, volumes, liquidity, and even more on the Biswap Analytics Page!

Visit informative Biswap Analytics page:

See the article about the informative page here:

The Analytics page is created to make your crypto research informative and precise!

Biswap permanently cares about user experience! Our platform supports the users 24/7 with maximum efficiency. The integration of the Intercom makes the process seamless for the Biswappers!

Intercom delivers fast response times + will provide users with options to chat live with the Biswap Support Team, learn more about the platform, read FAQs, and report problems!

Intercom solves many issues of each user in a personalized way through different options of communication channels.

Read about all Intercom perks on Biswap Zendesk:

Experience this new utility on Biswap!

The rapidly growing number of subscribers is pleasing to the eye! Such a powerful increase in the Biswap community happened thanks to the joint efforts of the Biswap team and users!

Keep up-to-date with the latest promising opportunities from Biswap and stay eager to succeed!

Kudos to everyone and together to the moon!🚀

Trades gain momentum by surpassing 10 000 000 000 TTV on the platform along with new users joining every second! Currently, the TTV on Biswap is over $13 662 362 877!

View this colossal number on the Biswap Home Page:

Biswap enchants new users and dynamically introduces potent innovations to the DeFi world!

Extra-profitable Launchpools on Biswap | Stake & Get Premier Tokens!

A total of 13 Launchpools on Biswap are ready to increase your passive income significantly! Experience them all — both already known and the new ones!

BSW, PEARL, WBNB, PCT, KALA, ETERNAL, ZOO, BTCB, AIRT, ZOON — all the Launchpools are ready to boost your assets!

Luring Biswap Events — Twitter Events, Giveaways & Art Competitions!

Biswap collaboration with №1 i-Gaming platform — BetFury brought rewarding events! It was a unique chance to reap the rewards of this powerful collaboration boost!

Check the winners’ list:

Thank you for reaching new heights with Biswap and its strong partners!💪

This month, DappRadar has launched a vivid event — $400 in BSW AirDrop by own initiative.

100 winners have had a chance to get prizes easily!

View the winners’ list:

Biswap collaboration with CryptoMines gained momentum and we launched an additional startling event! 20 random winners got $25 in ETERNAL!

Find the winners here:

Stay keen on new events and use your lucky chance to increase your assets!

Trilateral collaboration of Biswap, Pinecone, and KALATA provided users with a vivid Twitter Event! 50 winners got $20 Prizes in both tokens!

Check the winners’ list:

Stand by for precious bonuses from Biswap & Partners’ Events!

Since Halloween is coming up, Biswap & AirNFTs decided to reward creative users with awesome prizes! 10 winners will share the $1 500 Prize Pool in both tokens.

Read the details and terms here:

Express your imagination vividly by creating a unique NFT with the Biswap Halloween theme!

In the last month, three Burns have been conducted — for 2 525 998 BSW tokens. In general, Biswap made 19 sparkling burns for 8 818 522 BSW tokens!

Check all the Burns statistics on the Biswap page:

Do you see the fire? It’s burning fuel from our rocket that’s going to the Moon!

More than 33 700 Biswappers shared their Biswap experience via Twitter & Telegram with everybody using #biswap_sharing, #biswap_earn, and #biswap_exchange hashtags. Significant 33 719 tweets & texts were sent during the 5th month of the platform!

📨 17 891 tweets — #biswap_earn

📨 12 062 tweets — #biswap_exchange

📨 3 766 texts — #biswap_sharing (is not active now)

👥 33 700+ participants

Read about Biswap Sharing Season update and use your chance to enlarge profits weekly:


The fifth month was memorable for vivid Trading Tournaments!

💪More than 22 000 users took part in 2 Trading Competitions and traded $14 790 113 volume on Biswap.

Permanent Growth of the Biswap Community!

Such a great number! More than 187 500+ users follow Official Biswap Networks!

📢 22.1K+ in Telegram Channel

💬 38.3K+ in Telegram Chat

🌐 1.1K+ in Indonesian-Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 3.6K+ in Vietnamese Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 4.6K+ in Russian-Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 934+ in Bengali-Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 490+ in French-Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 615+ in Portuguese-Speaking Telegram Chat

🕊 110.4K+ on Twitter

📃 3.5K+ on Medium

💻 1.5K+ on YouTube

24/7 Find the OFFICIAL Biswap admins here:

💬 Telegram Chat

Always welcome to answer your additional questions!

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