Staggering Biswap x CryptoZoon Collaboration!

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Biswap is constantly creating opportunities that gladden the users and give them options to earn with pleasure! We present you with a new collaboration with a creative and progressive gaming project — CryptoZoon.

CryptoZoon found a way to combine the blockchain-based gaming world and NFT in a next-generation concept. A universe of unique digital creatures is inspired by the legendary Pokémon Story!

How about learning more about the new Biswap partner? Check these lucrative collaboration points, that you will be able to take advantage of!

Why CryptoZoon?
CryptoZoon is a complete platform of the digital creatures’ universe that develops on the Binance Smart Chain and gives a chance to earn while playing!

The players are able to participate in a variety of fascinating activities:


👾 Breed, train, and trade unique creatures — ZOANs

👾 Fight the frantic Yaki Monsters to earn ZOON tokens

👾 Stake NFTs as collateral to farm liquidity

👾 Buy & Sell on NFT Marketplace


Two progressive tokens ZOON & YAG of CryptoZoon are listed on Biswap DEX! It means that you can swap them with the lowest exchange fee of 0.1% in the DeFi universe!

Ready to exchange newly listed tokens? Here you GO:

Now you can access Biswap DEX directly from CryptoZoon! Push the Biswap Button — get ZOON lucratively!

Whether it’s vivid ZOON, CryptoZoon wants to make sure players can gain profits! All important pages of the colorful CryptoZoon platform include unique Biswap buttons that will promptly lead you to the Biswap DEX!

Make profitable swaps in the Exchange section with a minor fee of 0.1% and a huge up to 100% Fee Return!

Biswap&CryptoZoon are just like parents — taking an active part in the birth and development of new opportunities for users to make a profit!

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