RAMP 2.0 — Blitz Scaling Growth with USD60M Liquidity Incentive Program

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Oct 18 · 6 min read

Dear RAMPers,

Firstly, it came almost unnoticed, but this Wednesday (20 Oct 2021) is RAMP’s first anniversary as a public token!

On 20 Oct 2020, the RAMP/ETH pair was first added as a liquidity pair on Uniswap, marking its public launch to the global DeFi community.

Since then, RAMP and its user community have grown from strength to strength as a bootstrapped, community-focused protocol that aims to deliver the best-in-class collateralized stablecoin lending solution for DeFi users.

A big thank you to everyone for being part of this journey, no matter when you join the RAMP community, we are excited that you are here with us!


A Lookback Before Looking Forward

Looking back across the year since the RAMP token launch, it is a story of consistent upgrades, developments and improvements for the protocol.

There are many milestones for the community to be proud of, and to celebrate, including and not limited to:

  • October 2020: RAMP multi-exchange public token launch on Uniswap, Gate.io, and MXC;

Throughout this period, RAMP had its ups and downs. In particular, the market crash in May has slowed protocol growth and resulted in a more challenging DeFi environment to navigate.

Nonetheless, RAMP continues to build, develop, and craft plans to bring the platform to the next stage.

With significant improvements already delivered for the RAMP platform since the product launch in May, from here on, it’s really about RAMP 2.0, where the platform focuses on user adoption and TVL growth.

RAMP 2.0 — Scaling Up TVL and User Adoption

The core of RAMP 2.0 revolves around three key pillars for focused execution and development:

1) Strategic Product Roadmap

The past few months have been very beneficial for product development. Constant dialogue with the community and the utilization of short-term, monthly roadmaps means that the RAMP platform had iterated product features extremely quickly, and platform upgrades have also been shipped speedily for users.

Going forward, the protocol shall undertake a longer-term product roadmap that has been clearly defined by community voting in the RAMP DAO. This allows for major developments that can grow the protocol TVL and user adoption in leaps and bounds, rather than incremental improvements.

The deliverables on the Strategic Product Roadmap include and are not limited to:

  1. Ethereum Support: Enable rUSD minting on the Ethereum network.

With a combination of platform improvements to enhance user experience, features that allow users to customize and protect their borrowing exposures, and new chains support as growth catalysts, we expect this latest product roadmap to take the RAMP platform to new heights!

2) Marketing and Exchange Listings

With the RAMP platform ready for scaling up user adoption, it is only natural that more resources be diverted into marketing for the RAMP 2.0 Growth Roadmap.

What does this all mean? A wide range of marketing-centric activities focused around user adoption and growth to take place, including and not limited to:

  • rUSD Liquidity Incentive Program: 150,000,000 RAMP (~USD45M) in incentives for users who deposit assets and mint the rUSD stablecoin on the RAMP platform

In addition to the exciting marketing campaigns and liquidity incentive programs above, RAMP continue to work on top-tier exchange listings that will add value to the platform and to the community.

In particular, the launch of the DAO and community voting platform is a major development milestone for us to make progress with a significant exchange. Active community involvement and community consensus are essential for healthy protocol growth. We are excited that with the DAO up and running, the protocol has taken another step closer to decentralization. While this does not imply nor guarantee a listing in any way, we are hopeful that with new progress made, we can proceed further from here.

3) Business Development

Business development remains a core growth pillar and there will be active outreach with potential partners to utilize rUSD, while continuing to delivering on marketing campaigns with existing partners.

This include and are not limited to:

  • PancakeSwap: To launch rUSD-BUSD pool for longer periods (e.g. 60 days) for rUSD stability and align it with our growth campaign timeline. A RAMP-rUSD pair will also be launched for users to peg.

RAMP 2.0 — A New Dawn

With the above roadmap and plans in place, we are excited for a rejuvenation of the RAMP ecosystem and are also poised to scale up user adoption for the RAMP platform in a significant way.

With the three growth pillars underpinned by actionable, execution strategies, the RAMP 2.0 Roadmap to blitz-scale TVL growth and user adoption is already under preparation.

Over the next 2 weeks, expect smart contract upgrades to support the RAMP 2.0 Roadmap to be shipped by developers, liquidity program details to be released, and partner collaborations to be announced.

We look forward to continued support from the RAMP community, and to new users coming on board. To a new dawn, for RAMP!

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