Orca’s Fall Festival Recap

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For the past few weeks, we celebrated Orca’s first-ever Fall Festival! Yesterday, we celebrated by sending our top 20 LPs a special new Collectible: The HALLOWHALE! And if you swapped, check your wallet to see if you received a surprise CLOWNFISH—1,000 lucky traders got a new friend, too 😉

At the start of the Fall Festival, we shared our expectations and the rewards we planned to distribute back to our community. Now, it’s time to reflect on the festivities!

Aquafarms and Double-Dip Pools

At the beginning of the event, we had just over $300 million USD in total value locked (TVL) in our pools. This was our highest TVL since our launch in February of this year. During the Fall Festival, that amount skyrocketed to just under $1 billion! We’re delighted with this progress and the enthusiasm from you, our community.

On that note… our pod is growing! The amount of rewards distributed also exceeded $12 million, with $ORCA at an average price of $10.05. We also saw our highest number of unique wallets yet and nearly doubled the number of ORCA token holders.

During the Fall Festival, we also added a large number of new Double-Dip Pools! Special shoutout to a few standouts who had a combined $65 million staked: ATLAS — USDC, POLIS — USDC, SLIM — USDC, and SAMO — USDC. Across all pairs, about ~$3 million were paid in rewards. You love our Double-Dip Pools, and we are happy to say that they’re here to stay.


Going forward, we are looking to add more liquidity pools and will be listening to feedback from our pod for what pools you guys want to see. Keep an eye out—Double-Dip Pools rotate every Thursday. You will get a notification 24 hours prior to rotation via In-App Updates so you can move around your liquidity if needed.

ORCA and Collectible Rewards

For the Fall Festival, we wanted to reward our active users and large LP contributors, so we introduced Collectible Staking. You all loved it, and we saw tons of you stake your Collectibles for more Orca rewards!

The amount of Collectibles staked was as follows:

GUPPY: 3,678

Don’t have a Collectible to call your own yet? Never fear; there’ll be more opportunities to earn them going forward! 😉

AMAs and Giveaways

Over the Fall Festival, we had a whale of a time partnering with other projects in the Solana ecosystem and having a chat with our honorary podmates, Star Atlas and Solanium, during AMAs. The Solana ecosystem has a wonderful sense of community, and we’ve really enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone. Keep an eye out for more cross-community collabs soon!

As always, thank you for being part of our pod! If you’re new to Orca, you can try out a swap on orca.so, follow us on Twitter, or join our Discord and Telegram. We’ll be waiting!

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