One click Liquidity Migration and special GRVS Airdrop

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On 14 October 2021 Gravis Finance will launch classic Yield Farming Pools.

You can learn about available pools, APR etc. here: Farming

Before the Farming launch, the Liquidity Migration (vampiring) will go live at 13:00 UTC on 11 October 2021.

How it works:

  1. go to the Migration tab on the Exchange page:

2. Choose the LP tokens you want to migrate from the dropdown list

3. Enter a number of LPs you want to transfer or click MAX to transfer all of your available LP tokens.


4. Click the Approve button and approve the transaction in your wallet to enable the transfer of selected LPs from your wallet.

5. Click the Migrate button and approve the transaction in your wallet to complete the migration.

6.You can see your available liquidity on the Pool tab

Why should I migrate?

There will be a massive Airdrop of 100 000 Gravis Finance’s governance GRVS tokens, (A)steroid Mining game ship parts, equipment, metal, and a chance to win a ship for every Migration participant.

Additional profit opportunities

After successfully migrating liquidity to our DEX you can stake your Gravis Finance LPs in our Farming pools and get extremely high APY %.

How to participate?

Every wallet with at least $1000 worth of migrated liquidity automatically joins the Airdrop. No need for additional moves.

Important! All the migrated liquidity should not be transferred from Gravis Finance’s pools until the Airdrop.

General conditions

The Migration will be available on BSC and Polygon networks.

The Airdrop will commence if at least 100 participants are eligible for a reward on any one network.

The minimal time for liquidity to be in our pools is 2 weeks.

Participating pools and donor DEXes are:













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