Weekly Highlights from Robi | Week is Brimming with Events!

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Robi put his work aside to compile this impressive list of vivid news and lucrative events of Biswap! Let’s start exploring right away!

Enormous $10 000 000 000 Total Trading Volume on Biswap!

Biswap achieved another astounding milestone of great trades!

View this astronomic number on the redesigned Biswap Home Page:

Conquer the tremendous DeFi world together with Biswap!🚀

Sparkling 690 201 BSW Burned!

Don’t forget to put your sunglasses on, because this burn is dazzling!


The 18th Weekly Token Burn of 690 201 BSW tokens (~$320 348) included: 550 112 BSW from Trading Fees, 116 689 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers, 8 611 BSW from Auto compound performance fee, 14 788 BSW from Biswap Lottery purchased tickets.

📚More details in Biswap Docs:

Gain mastery in crypto on Biswap!👑

Ice Cracking Biswap x Kalata Collaboration!

Biswap expands the boundaries of cooperation with progressive BSC projects!

So, meet our new awesome partner Kalata — a derivatives trading platform and a protocol for synthetic assets!

This potent collaboration brought:

⚜️ Official KALA listing — Swap KALA with the lowest fee of 0.1% and get up to 100% Fee Return on Biswap!

⚜️ Biswap Button on Kalata — get glacial KALA Profitably!

⚜️ KALA-BUSD Pair — Stake KALA-BUSD-LP to earn BSW on Biswap Farms with high APR!

⚜️ Maritime KALA Launchpool — Stake BSW with no limits and gain KALA in Biswap Launchpools!

Read the full article about our prolific collaboration:

Biswap & Kalata combine efforts to give users an easy way to crypto wealth!

Impregnable Biswap x Pinecone Collaboration! | Increase Your Crypto Wealth Securely!

Biswap explores new continents of booming crypto-worlds. That’s why Biswap started a wondrous collaboration with Pinecone — a BSC-based yield optimizer protocol. The collaboration provided users with stunning opportunities to gain mighty crypto!

View the awesome novelties that the collaboration have presented:

⚡️ Official PCT listing — exchange PCT with the lowest fee of 0.1% and get up to 100% Fee Return on Biswap!

⚡️ Magical BSW&PCT Vaults on Pinecone — stake 1 token & get 2!

⚡️ Biswap Buttons on Pinecone — earn diverse tokens effortlessly!

⚡️ PCT-BNB Pair — stake PCT-BNB-LP to earn mighty BSW on Biswap Farms with high APR!

⚡️ Unlimited PCT Launchpool — stake BSW & earn PCT!

Check out the full article about our vivid collaboration here:

Biswap & Pinecone create for users a place, full of safe opportunities to enlarge their assets profitably!

​​ZooCW Epic Art Competition! | Draw in Biswap Theme & Share $1 700!

The spiffing Biswap partner ZOO — Crypto World is hosting its 2nd Art Competition! The artwork theme is Biswap DEX — depicting Biswap is the easiest way to show your talent and support for the project!

🖼Your art can become a rare NFT and gain epic value!

Check the conditions for joining here:
👉 https://forms.gle/LGqC18UigQ3LDhzt9

Don’t hesitate to express your mastery via ZOO-CW Art Contest!👩‍🎨

Get $500 in ETERNAL Starfall on Biswap Twitter!

Biswap revs up the collaboration with CryptoMines and together we are launching an additional sparkling event on Twitter!

Join the Giveaway here:
👉 https://twitter.com/Biswap_Dex/status/1446035938329731072

Get the potent prizes with pleasure and ease!

Biswap is TOP 5 BSC Dapp by Volume in the Last 7 Days!

Biswap moves ahead to the top and increases its position in DeFi!

🔥$402.13M — volume in the last 7 days due to https://www.dapp.com/

Biswap is among the fastest-growing BSC projects:

🚀Stay with Biswap on its bright journey to the Moon!

​​BFG Trading Competition & Twitter Event Report!

Biswap x BetFury strategic partnership impresses with the results!

📍Intriguing Trading Competition Results — $3 000 in BSW went to 100 wild traders!

More than 2 100 competitors were involved in the competition and the total trading volume is almost $4 000 000!

Find yourself in the Trading Ranking List:

📍Biswap & BetFury Twitter Event for $500 Is Over — 20 winners got $25 in BFG!💸

Check the list of winners:

📙 Find the detailed results of the Biswap & BetFury Collaboration events on Biswap TG Channel:

Reach new heights with Biswap and its vigorous partners!💪

The 15th Sharing Season Report! | Lucky Users Shared $1 225 in BSW!

It is time to sum up the results of the 15th Sharing Season week!

Check out these significant numbers: 8 793 total participants, 4 541 #biswap_earn tweets, 3 002 #biswap_exchange tweets, and 1 250 #biswap_sharing texts sent to the OFFICIAL Telegram Chat! Such news evokes admiration!

Check out 253 lucky users, who obtained advantageous BSW tokens:

It was a pleasure to see you as a participant in this sharing!

📃Read how to engage in this stunning event:

Share your Biswap experience in the 16th Sharing Season and win esteemed BSW!

Biswap Lottery Competition Report | $1 156 For The Top Tickets Volumes!


The 4th Weekly Lottery Competition came to the finish! Lucky winners received the BSW rewards to their Competition Balances!

1 016 users took part in the competition. A total of 100 Biswappers shared $1 156 in BSW. Greetings from the Biswap Team!🎉

See the strongest winner with the highest tickets volume and BSW reward:
🥇1st place — $6 289.41$346.73 in BSW

Click here to check your ranking:

The 5th Weekly Lottery Competition has started — gain glorious victory!👑 https://biswap.org/lottery_competition

Take the crown in the DeFi kingdom on Biswap!💪

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