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Oct 8 · 5 min read

Early Data on Vesper Earn

With Vesper Earn’s beta launch last week, let’s dive into the numbers behind the ETH-DAI pool.

History has generally shown that beta products traditionally attract a small number of high-wealth individuals. For example, Vesper’s aggressive DAI pool has almost $7M locked, spread over 15 holders. Similar dynamics played out when the LINK, UNI and USDT grow pools were in beta. A very similar trend appears to be taking shape with Vesper Earn’s beta.

Over the last week, the total veETH-DAI beta holders has increased to 16. These individuals contribute a total of almost 100 ETH, worth about $360,000 at the time of writing (October 8). It’s exciting to see this trend as additional early adopters trickle in.

For more data, check out the Dune Analytics Dashboard for Vesper Earn. And look forward to more Earn pairs coming into beta.

DPI — September Rebalance & Whitelisting VIP

It’s been an exciting few months at the intersection of Vesper and DeFi Pulse. Following the DeFi Pulse Index’s (DPI) September rebalance, Vesper starts its second month in this important bellwether.


ICYMI: The DPI creators, Index Coop, recently surfaced a Vesper Improvement Proposal to whitelist the DPI token for Vesper pools. Timing for the community vote will be shared soon.

Weekly AMA — Remy Perretti

Vesper’s Vietnam Ambassador, Remy, took the (virtual) stage this week for the tenth edition of Vesper’s weekly AMA series. Remy fielded questions ranging from his history in crypto, to the current state of Vietnamese regulation and adoption. You can view the entire conversation in the #ama channel on Discord.

A few highlights:

Q: What got you started on your journey into crypto? How long have you been involved? What excites you the most right now about the future?

A: I have been involved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2015 as an early investor. I started my career in blockchain at the end of 2016. I built communities and introduced some exciting projects to the Asia and Vietnam market during the boom of ICOs and new cryptocurrency projects back in 2017.I am excited about DeFi and web3 — blockchain will play a significant role in many of these web3 protocols. It provides a financial incentive (tokens) for anyone who wants to create, govern, contribute to, or improve one of the projects themselves. I have been involved in DeFi since 2020, first with Aave Protocol. As a consultant, I help them expand their brand awareness to Vietnam. It was a fantastic ride from $8B TVL to $24B TVL, so once I heard about Vesper Finance and saw the team and roadmap, I totally wanted to be part of it and support Vesper Finance to expand to Vietnam as well.

Q: What’s your favorite Vietnamese dish?

A: My favorite dish in Vietnam is bun dau mam tom and fresh rolls. There are two specialties from the North and South of Vietnam. Most people don’t like mam tom due to the strong shrimp smell, but I love it. It costs 45,000 vnd (about $2) for the lunch set. Usually, Vietnamese eat bun dau at lunchtime. Not for dinner (but I do eat it for dinner)

Q: How is the regulations going for cryptocurrencies in Vietnam? What is the latest news? Do you think people in Vietnam can leave CeFi and start using DeFi easily in the near future? What is people’s opinion about it?

A: Good question and very tricky, let me try to be short. I don’t want to get much involve into regulation. There has been quite a bit of positive news regarding crypto regulations in Vietnam this year. In March, Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance established a research group, which has begun an in-depth study of cryptocurrencies intending to achieve legislative reform for the industry in the country. It indicated that Vietnam could not ignore cryptocurrencies as they gained popularity.

Vesper’s next AMA will take place on October 14th at 1:00pm EDT, featuring Community Team member Michael Coombe!


There’s only a few weeks left until Vesper takes the stage at Money20/20 on October 24!

Co-founder Matthew Roszak will kick off the day with a keynote on the hybrid finance future.

Later, Co-founder Jordan Kruger and Blockforce Capital CEO Eric Ervin will discuss opportunities to bring DeFi’s value to traditional finance.

Plan on attending? Let us know.

Digital Asset Summit 2021

Blockworks has uploaded all of the panels from DAS 2021, where Vesper was a platinum sponsor. Here is the panel on the convergence of CeFi and DeFi, featuring co-founder Matthew Roszak.

From the article covering the panel:

“I see DeFi as a treadmill for your capital. Your money is always working for you,” Roszak said, citing offerings such as yield farming. “So your capital is always running efficiently based on your risk profile.

Roszak described the two coalescing as an “opportunity that’s just too great to dismiss,” but also said the surface area between decentralized finance and traditional finance has “a lot of bridges, roads and tunnels that need to be built.”

“DeFi looks at CeFi and says, ‘Look at all that liquidity.’ Then traditional finance looks at [DeFi] and says ‘20%, 30% yields and it’s sheltered from inflation?’” he said, during the panel. “This is a perfect combo of things to come together.”

BitMart Exchange AMA

Co-founder Jordan Kruger will be participating in an AMA with the BitMart community on Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 10:00am ET. Stay tuned for more details and a link to sign up.

Roadmap Page

A reminder to keep an eye on the Vesper roadmap page.


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