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Step 1: Check the Element of BOSS to choose the appropriate pet elements to counter BOSS.

For example, Pet with water element will deal more damage to BOSS with the fire element

  • Be careful! Always check clearly Boss’s element before choosing pets.

Step 2: After choosing a suitable pet, click “Sign Up” so that the pet can join the battle

Step 3: After signing up. Pet will be transferred to Pet Legion.

  • You will see your pet will appear on the table and other users’ pets participating in this round.
  • Just imagine that it is a waiting-room before fighting the mighty boss to check if your pet is signed up successfully.

Step 4: Start the battle, wait until the countdown is over

  • Pets on the list of Pet Legion will participate in fighting BOSS

Step 5: Wait until the boss is defeated, and claim the reward achieved


Step 6: Keep an eye out for another BOSS to emerge.

When engaging in BOSSFIGHT, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The max slot for each sign-up round is 40,000 pets for BSC and 4,000 pets for KAI. If the slot reaches the limit, you will have to wait for the next sign-up round.
  • If you don’t sign up you won’t be able to participate in BOSS.
  • The number of sub-rounds can be fewer if the boss dies sooner. This means, even if you have signed up the pet successfully, the pet may deal no damage to the boss.
  • The number of pets that appear for every sub-round is 30.
  • The number of bosses that appear per day is 3.
  • Always check your reward.
  • Each element of Boss will have unique skills.
  • Participating in this event will not cost gas fee but you have to cost some food. It depends on your pet’s level. The more level pet is, the more food you cost.

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