Looking Back and Forward — September edition

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Oct 1 · 4 min read

If Autumn represents progress and maturity, then Opium is certainly flowing with the seasons. As September draws to a close, we contributors are proudly looking back at all the developments. Considering how many people are building and how many interesting governance proposals are coming in, we know that next month will be even more impressive.

Governance Updates

Exciting discussions are taking place on the governance forum as we speak, with some significant ideas for improvement being suggested and approved.

The proposal to change the DAO Arbitrator has passed. Users agreed to designate the Opium Aragon DAO as an Arbitrator, meaning that off-chain efficient voting is now backed by an on-chain Arbitrator. This means that the voting process combines off-chain convenience with the on-chain standard of security!

A proposal to extend the OPIUM/1INCH liquidity mining program was put to vote and the outcome was a unanimous “pass”.

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Also on the topic of governance, a brand new proposal relating to the incentivization of long-term DAO participation has been put forward. If approved, it could mean that committed community members have more voting power.

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear them

Regarding liquidity mining programs and liquidity mining possibilities, discussions are in full swing on the community forum. Community members have shared some valuable opinions, and we would appreciate yours, too.

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One particularly interesting proposal talks about the possibility of a staking reward program for Turbos. This could dramatically increase the amount of interest that Turbo pools receive, and subsequently the number of investments.

You can weigh in on the conversation here

Another interesting thread that has attracted attention relates to voting delegation. The essence of the debate: Is voting delegation positive or negative?

Some are even proposing to incentivize delegation.

View the discussion here

Do you have ideas, opinions, and a desire to contribute to the Opium growing ecosystem? Get involved in the Opium governance forum! If the discussion you want to have has not yet been started, create the thread yourself and get the ball rolling. Share your best ideas and start talking on the Opium Governance Forum.

Your opinion is valuable, and you will be heard.

Building on Opium

A fantastic new tutorial has been released to teach you how to build a decentralized Call Option on Opium:

For those who have interesting ideas or are already working on something cool, you can check out the builder bounty program on Opium. Details can be found in this article.


The Money 20/20 conference took place in Amsterdam and together with 1inch and Mercuryo, we hosted a DeFi afterparty for the Fintech teams. Some productive discussions occurred while we enjoyed some drinks and a beautiful view of Amsterdam. We hope to maintain our relationship with these like-minded people and grow alongside each other.


Working in a decentralized team of innovative contributors into the space of DeFi can be extremely exciting. If you are keen to learn more about decentralized financial products, do research, development, and engineering, we would love for you to become a contributor.

Reach out at either [email protected], forum, or GitHub and give us your proposal!

Looking forward

Coming up this month we have the Lisbon Blockchain Week and we hope to meet some of our awesome contributors there. Stay informed through the Telegram channel and Twitter so that you don’t miss anything.

P.S. We may be organizing a cool event of our own! Do you want to join and organize joint event — we are always happy to organize this together.

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