The Bancorian | A Weekly Summary-September 26th 2021

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🔥Bancor Vortex

| time | burnedamount |
| 9/19/2021 0:00 | 2330.529042 |
| 9/20/2021 0:00 | 8525.70978 |
| 9/21/2021 0:00 | 3230.374724 |
| 9/22/2021 0:00 | 6623.364597 |
| 9/23/2021 0:00 | 3454.890269 |
| 9/24/2021 0:00 | 10719.86922 |
| 9/25/2021 0:00 | 7146.58278 |
| Sum | 42031.32041 |

📊 Key Metrics

7-day total cumulative fee revenue: ~$985K

  1. 30 days ~180K
Left: Protocol Revenue (30 Days) Right: Price to Sales ratio (P/S)

🔌Integrations and Updates

  • The DeFi space is starting to trend upwards in the last few days. There are certain pools which have been performing well including — $REN, $ENJ, $MKR, and $MLN. Check their APRs over time here:
  • Proposals have slowed down this week (no proposals going live). We urge the community to continue sharing new tokens they want to see whitelisted, or pools that could benefit from increased BNT co-investments. You can write a whitelist or co-investment proposal on or ping/tag @FoxSteven on Telegram to share tokens you want to see whitelisted.
  • We are looking at some events that core contributors might attend to continue spreading the gospel about Bancor and educating the market. If there are events on the horizon that you know where we should be speaking at or doing networking, please let us know (we are putting together a list of events to attend). Hopefully, some of these events will coincide with some of our releases coming up where we can drop this news. Please flag any events coming up.

💪Social Channels

🔢 “Volume for Volume’s sake is short-sighted”

So, how important is DEX volume if your LPs are actually losing money 💸? Depending on the situation, it can be a vanity metric. Preliminary data from the Uniswap V3 case study shows that concentrated liquidity strategies sell tokens at a discount and for a large number of cases cancel out any fees earned.

🎲Random Musings

Wen L2? You have asked and I have delivered a thread that should provide an answer to this question. I know that the next obvious question is “wen V3?” 😒… don’t ask me 😆, I don’t know. Perhaps, you can join our weekly community call on Sundays at 3:00PM UTC and ask😏

🎩Bancorians in the Wild

A collection of weekly tweets from Bancorian Brainz🧠💪

👈Previous Proposals

This past week (9/19/21), we saw a proposal on snapshot that was able to meet quorum and supermajority requirements:

👉Current Proposals

For this week (9/26/21), there are currently no proposals up for voting.

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