September Ecosystem Update

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Michael Burgess

Sep 29 · 4 min read

Welcome to the September Ecosystem Update! RenVM continues to march onward with its cross-chain expansion with some of the biggest mints we’ve seen to date and Host to Host right around the corner. RenVM is gaining consistent traction in each ecosystem it expands to, so without further ado, let’s dive in.

RenVM Greycore is on Testnet! Progress towards decentralization is well on its way. Learn more here.

Soon RenVM’s ultimate vision will come to fruition, the seamless movement of any asset to any other chain. Get excited and check it out here.

A new BTC stable pool on Arbitrum (L2) is live, courtesy of our friends at Curve Finance. Learn more here.

Part one of our Developer Relations Blog series went live! Tejas provides a great beginners guide to building a dApp with RenJS. Get started here!

The Ren’s core developer team is very excited to release this initiative, as RenVM’s security is top of mind. If you’d like to learn more, check it out here.


Its been a few months but now capture all RenVM fees earned across all chains! Check it out here.

Ren in DeFi

*All the various opportunities for the Ren ecosystem are collated for your convenience. This is not financial advice, as always DYOR and proceed at your own risk.

BadgerDAO x renBTC (Arbitrum) 🦡
BadgerDAO $renBTC vaults on Arbitrum via Curve & Convex are now live! Learn more here.

Beefy Finance x renBTC (Arbitrum) 🐄
Beefy Finance $renBTC vaults via Curve are now live on Arbitrum. Learn more here.

Index Cooperative x renFIL (Ethereum) 🗃
$renFIL has been added to the $DATA index from Index COOP. Learn more here.

Parrot Finance x renBTC (Solana) 🦜
Use $renBTC to mint pBTC and become an LP. Learn more here.

Sunny Aggregator x renBTC (Solana) 🌞
Use $renBTC to mint pBTC and become an LP. Learn more here.

Changelly x Ren
$REN gets listed on Changelly. Learn more here.

BlockTower Capital Report 📑
Many Paths Lead To One Truth: The Interoperability Thesis and REN
Great article on Ren Ecosystem from Vikram Arun of BlockTower. Check it out here.

Ren is Hiring | Front-end Developer

The Ren team is looking for a new Front-end Developer, so if you have the skills and want to contribute to the future of finance, please apply here!

Ren Governance 🗳

A few highlights on the governance front this month:

  • The core dev team put forward a proposal to ensure RenVM stays safe during its Greycore transition. The vote has finalized and the results can be found here.
  • The core dev team has put forward a draft proposal for how the community determines which tokens should be whitelisted for full RenVM integration. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do and comment/provide feedback for how the process could best be governed by the community.
  • The Community Ecosystem Fund (CEF) parameters will be taking shape on the Ren Forum over the coming month, so please stay tuned for more here!

The Ren Report #18

Great weekly overview of all the activities in the Ren Ecosystem! Subscribe here:

RenVM Stats

If you want to track real-time RenVM stats, this is your happy place.

Looking Forward

The cross-chain expansion continues to march forward and next month looks like it’ll shape up to be an exciting one. Keep up the great work fRens and stay tuned for more to come.

Onwards and upwards,
— Ren Community

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