The PERA Odyssey (Part II)

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The Launch Saga

PERA token was supposed to launch on on July 8th, but unfortunately, couldn’t distribute $PERA to startup participants, postponing the launch. On account of this, we decided to arrange an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event in our official Telegram group was conducted to clear things up.


A Reassuring Path

One of our main focuses is the trustworthiness of our project. Our first thought was that locking a great deal of liquidity on UNICRYPT. This agreement wasn’t the only safety feature we planned. In addition, the ownership of the smart contract moved to multisign, maximizing security.

Collective Joy

Putting a smile on our users’ faces is another aspect we emphasize, high APY’s are satisfactory but, we are aware that there is always room for more. Thus, on July 13th we conducted a randomized airdrop to CMC (Coin Market Cap) users, to whom added $PERA to their watchlist on CMC (Coin Market Cap) and retweeted @PeraFinance on Twitter.

The Road Ahead

The first week of September was quite significant, starting from the 1st of September to incentivize volume increase, we have planned to distribute additional tokens on boosted competition weeks.

For Your Information

We are currently working hard to integrate our protocol into different chains, but the daily trading competitions are not yet integrated into Polygon, but as stated before the team is working hard to do so. Stay tuned as PERA continues to integrate into different networks and implement its technology. PERA trading competition is now on three separate DEXes, moving a step forward on our mission to strengthen our trading incentivization program.

About PERA Finance

Pera Finance is a platform where traders, liquidity providers, holders, and stakers can yield farm together. With DeFi’s first decentralized trading competition, Pera Finance aims to be DeFi’s most sustainable and profitable yield farming protocol.

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