Creativity Contest Winners: Anniversary Edition

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We asked our fantastic community of humble farmers to let their imaginations run wild and unleash their creative forces.

Farmers, you rock! 🎩

Harvest’s Anniversary contest has left us speechless. There were so many incredible entries pouring in — it was tough to pick the winners.

This contest saw not only digital art but also woodwork, sculptures, and other forms of art we didn’t even know exist.

A round of applause to everyone who participated in #HarvestBirthday 👏

To see the details or making of each art below, click on the winner’s nickname.


1st — Pamflat — $1000

Where’s Farmer Chad?

2nd — Stas Svetlov — $900

Cosmic Super-Farmer is defending the high-yielding crops!

3rd — Andy ZhNing — $800

Birthday Bread for all! Check out the video to see the carving process.

4th — Benj — $600

Chadly woodwork

5th — BrandonSd — $600

Mad duct tape skillz. Check out the video for the process

6th — Zam — $400

Birthday Rave with head-banging Chads!

7th — Matsuki — $400

All the animals down on the farm are invited to the party

8th — Gian — $400

A golden bust of a Chadly Farmer — nicely sculpted

9th — Saeed — $400

A rice picture — we’ll forgive the spelling mistake. Perhaps he ran out of grains?! Check the video to see the effort & patience involved

10th — PV Mihalache — $400

This is the tale of a farm and a humble farmer — the history of the first year…

11–20th — $200 (each)






Nicolas Siare





Well done to all winners, and thanks to everyone who took part. Another sackload of great entries, and it’s tough to narrow down all the submissions!

🏆 Prize Details

The original announcement of this contest said that there is a prize pool of $3900 in $FARM.

That’s not true.

In reality, that’s $7900 in the prize pool for winners to share.

We had to fire our quant squad that did the math.

If you won a prize, please send a DM to @Harvest_finance with your Ethereum address (and make sure the msg comes from the Twitter account you entered the contest with — we check these things carefully!)

Prizes will be sent once the addresses have been collected and when gas is at a tolerable level — please be patient. :)

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