Introducing: NFT Profit Sharing

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Harvest gives back to the people 🥖

Dear Farmers,

Today we have exciting news for those who own Harvest’s NFT cards of the Chad & Friends collection.

The Profit-Sharing is at Harvest’s core, providing bread for the people since its origins. As we continue exploring new ways to bring prosperity to our commune, we came up with a new model for farmers to get excited about.

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding the Profit-Sharing model to NFT holders.

💡 Introducing: NFT Profit Share

All the addresses that held any Chad & Friends card on snapshot date: 15/09/2021 6 PM UTC were entitled to the NFT Profit Share.


For each card, an address has received the following share in $ETH:

Silver — 0.00382892628 ETH

Gold — 0.03318402777 ETH

Obsidian — 0.05430113636 ETH

Foil — 0.149328125 ETH

For example; if an address holds 2 Silver cards and 1 Gold, it will see

0.00382892628 + 0.00382892628 + 0.03318402777 =

0.04084188033 ETH in the wallet

🏆If you are a cardholder, you should see the amount you were entitled to already in your wallet.


Harvest is all about giving back to the people. This time is no different.

Chad & Friends saw ~47.7 ETH volume in its first month. Given the 10% commission on each card sale, Harvest earned 4.7785 ETH.

Harvest’s commune decided to distribute 50% of commissions (2.38925 ETH) among cardholders.

Considering the rarities, each card tier — silver/gold/obsidian/foil — received 25% of the 2.38925 ETH.

🧪 The Future

Harvest pioneers the NFT Profit Sharing model and is excited to see the result of this experiment.

Harvest doesn’t make any commitments for the NFT Profit Sharing to be a monthly thing at the moment. We await the community feedback on that matter to better shape this innovative model.

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