This Week: VSP Listed on BitMart Exchange, August Monthly Report Released, and More

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Also: Digital Asset Summit 2021 Review, Messari Mainnet Preview, Zane Huffman Goes Trans-Pacific

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Sep 17 · 4 min read

VSP Listed on BitMart Exchange

VSP is now available for deposit, trade, and withdrawal on BitMart Exchange.

BitMart supports VSP/USDT trading and features a fiat on/off ramp for users.

August in Review

Vesper’s August report highlighted a number of exciting developments in the last full month of “DeFi Summer” — from a DeFi Pulse Index listing to new beta releases.

Check out the full report.

Vesper Onstage

Digital Asset Summit 2021

Vesper was a platinum sponsor alongside the likes of Aave, Fidelity Digital Assets, and more at Blockworks’ Digital Asset Summit in New York City this week.


A few highlights:

Co-founder Matthew Roszak shared insights on the intersection of TradFi and DeFi:

He even gave a special shoutout to Vespernauts post-panel:

Here’s the feature from Blockworks:

Marketing lead Phil Gomes recapped the conference’s main themes:

Messari Mainnet 2021

Next week, Co-founder Jordan Kruger will hit the Messari Mainnet stage to make an exciting product announcement and share a preview of Vesper’s soon-to-be-live UI redesign. Be sure to register for the session, taking place on Tuesday, Sept. 21 on the Mainnet TestNet stage!

Grab your in-person or virtual pass here.


Vesper is programming a Money20/20 track in Las Vegas on October 24, kicking off the conference!

Stay tuned for additional details and register to attend.

Back-to-Back AMAs with Zane Huffman

Weekly Discord AMA

Strategy team member Zane Huffman kicked off Week Seven of Vesper’s weekly AMA’s. Zane answered questions, ranging from his thoughts on the current state of the NFT market, to his views on the future of Vesper aggressive pools, and even his favorite food choices.

To see the full transcript visit the Vesper Discord and go to the #ama channel.

Some highlights:

Q: You were quite early to NFTs…years ahead of the curve. Curious to hear your thoughts on the recent mania and where you see things going from here. Think this is just the beginning of something long term and sustainable? Or a bubble that may already be seeing signs of bursting? And any talk of defi lending markets for NFTs that could somehow be incorporated in the future into Vesper?

A: NFT outlook: I am really passionate about NFTs for two types of use cases:

1) Artists leveraging their person/brand/engagement to monetize experiences and interactions with their audience in a way that doesn’t require them to forfeit ownership of themselves as they have to in standard record label model.

2) The ability for anyone to access ownership of digital assets for whatever they like. There is a yet-to-take-place shift from building out NFTs for specific, single use cases to using the existing collections that people love in entirely new ways. For example I would love to see an NFT card game that uses Punks, Art Blocks, Cool Cats, Parallel Cards, Rare Pepes…. as the universe of cards rather than a first party collection. This allows project creators to insert themselves into new, highly engaged (very wealthy) communities who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in their game/community/project otherwise.

NFTs on Vesper: We’ve talked through a few potential ideas. One is an earn pool that DCAs into NFTs. For example we could have a deposit USDC earn PUNK using the fractionalized floor punk tokens on NFTX. There’s the opportunity to route through some of these upcoming NFT lending protocols to do the opposite: deposit PUNK earn USDC. Some logistical constraints with ensuring people can withdraw the exact NFT they deposit (instead of another, random punk).

One idea I’ve floated in here as well that I like is leveraging NFT donations for Earn Charity Pools. Deposit your crypto, earn “points”, spend points to purchase NFTs donated by artists or purchased by Vesper DAO. Your yield accrues for some charity good.

Q: I think we all agree that ETH conservative pool underperforms the market, why not add (all/some) aggressive strategies to it vs roll out a different pool? I’m more curious of what the strategy is with lower, older performing pools which don’t turn heads when new users come upon

A: Internally we’ve begun talks about expanding the universe of Conservative strategies. I’m pushing to transition Curve and Yearn into the conservative wheelhouse (currently, both are labeled aggressive because Curve has a small impermanent loss on deposit of up to 0.1% and Yearn takes high mgmt fees). Separately, there are good aggressive APY opportunities taking advantage of Convex and Maker. Working with engineering to get additional aggressive pools to beta. We are discussing how conservative and aggressive pools will cooperate with each other in the future — if the market is set on aggressive first, we may look to prioritize those pools (very much not confirmed by any means. Just that discussion is taking place)

We will be holding the next AMA on Thursday, September 23rd at 1:00pm ET.

AMA with Vesper China

China ambassador Cindy convened the Vesper China community for an AMA session with Zane. He covered topics ranging from Vesper’s long-term vision, to upcoming product releases.

Keep an eye out for future community-hosted AMAs.

And What’s This?

Stay tuned.

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