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New Activity for Farmers is now in Town — Win a Share of $2000 in $SWISE

Dear Farmers,

We are excited to introduce Fertilizer, a new type of activity by Harvest for humble Farmers.

Fertilizer aims to reward existing and future farmers of a specific vault.

Today we celebrate Stakewise’s Vault TVL passing $2M TVL!

We are launching the first Fertilizer campaign with to reward existing farmers and incentivize those who hesitate.

Stakewise’s Vault at

📝 Details

Retroactive airdrop — $1000 in $SWISE between two lucky farmers who participated in the Stakewise vault since its deployment till 16/09/2021 2 PM UTC.

To be won — $1000 in $SWISE between two lucky farmers who put their sETH/ETH to work via Stakewise Vault. In order to be eligible to win the prize, participants need to deploy their funds in the following timeframe:

16/09/2021 2 PM UTC — 20/09/2021 2 PM UTC

💰 Size of the deposit doesn’t matter.

📢 Prizes in $SWISE will be shared among all lucky depositors till 27/09/2021 on-chain directly to the wallets. (No need to claim anything).

🎲The winners will be chosen with a randomizer.

Good luck!

About StakeWise Vault

StakeWise’s Vault is a Uniswap V3 farm for StakeWise’s sETH2 token (ETH deposited into ETH2) and normal ETH. This pool represents a bridge between staked Ether and normal Ether, used by DeFi participants to enter and exit from ETH2 staking.

Liquidity providers in this pool earn ETH staking rewards on the Vault’s share of sETH2 tokens, trading fees from swap transactions in the pool, and farming rewards paid in $SWISE as well as $iFARM.

The advantage of keeping ETH in this pool is the absence of impermanent loss, because sETH2 is redeemable for ETH from the StakeWise staking Pool upon Phase 2 of Ethereum 2.0 roadmap. Thus, liquidity providers don’t take exposure to fluctuations in prices of any assets other than ETH.

All the earnings in this Vault are regularly reinvested back into the liquidity pool, meaning that when withdrawing from the Vault, you will collect more ETH and/or sETH2 than you deposited.

Read more about the StakeWise Uniswap V3 liquidity pool here.

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