Ankr’s New Public RPC:  A Foundational Layer For Blockchain Development & Decentralization

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Franciska Kovacs

Sep 16 · 3 min read

Ankr is opening the gateway to development for more builders by providing them with instant and reliable access to interface with the blockchain. This includes offering ways for anyone to make Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) to access data from multiple chains.

We’ve been working toward this for some time, serving hundreds of millions of requests daily on our public RPC. Running a public RPC can be extremely difficult, and most are unreliable due to restrictive server requirements and expenses with no clear business model to support them. However, Ankr supplies both the robust global server infrastructure and clear economic framework to create a foundational RPC layer.

To double down on our efforts, we’ve advanced our RPC technology stack by acquiring, and we are very happy to join forces with the project’s founder, Kasper Neist.

With this acquisition, we are serving more than 2 billion requests to chains per day. This is a big step for Ankr in becoming a community service that the growing Web 3.0 movement will rely on.

What’s The Ankr Public RPC?

Why Does It Matter If A Public RPC Exists?

Having a public RPC serves a critical purpose: it powers services like MetaMask and other Web 3.0 applications to connect with information on different blockchains. With the RPC, they can automatically interact with blockchain data and execute tasks like crypto wallet transactions.


It also allows anyone to connect with the nodes that hold needed information to create decentralized applications. Many individual developers need this public RPC as their projects don’t yet require the scope of offerings from service level agreements from private node providers.

Private node access, sometimes called RPC-as-a-service, is fiercely competitive and increasingly centralized, with VC investment exceeding $150 million in service providers for the first half of 2021.

We believe the crypto economy needs an alternative: a decentralized and trustless network where individual node operators are incentivized to serve traffic. We’re not the first to explore this idea, but we believe our experience launching more than 20,000 RPC endpoints across 50+ chains and this acquisition best positions Ankr to lead public RPC development.

What Comes Next?

Ankr is just getting started in paving the way for the open web of the future. We strive to improve UX and reduce costs to make Web 3.0 accessible for all. In the months to come, we will be rolling out several improvements to our protocol, as well as exciting new features to build and earn across blockchains — stay tuned.

Get started today and head to and make your first call! You can use the URL: directly in your wallet, command line interface, or application to call Fantom’s chain using the standard EVM JSON RPC methods.

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