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Sep 15 · 2 min read

Reef Finance, the builders of the Ethereum VM-compatible smart contract blockchain called Reef Chain, announced an upcoming collaboration with YieldParrot, a state-of-the-art yield aggregator and optimizer built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). At YieldParrot, BSC users can find the best opportunities within the DeFi ecosystem with a world-class vault offering, and optimized smart contracts.

Тhis collaboration will bring asset yield farming and co-marketing for both the Reef and YieldParrot communities, making a REEF-BNB liquidity pool available for all REEF BEP-20 holders. We are working with YieldParrot to bring the best of both projects to each community, exposing more people to Reef Finance and Reef Chain, and providing Reef BEP-20 holders access to YieldParrot’s innovative and smart investment strategies.

YieldParrot aims to deploy their REEF-BNB pool very soon, and to contribute their technology and existing data partnerships to the Reef ecosystem. The Reef community will also be able to join the conversation in steering YieldParrot forward in the multi-chain world they want to operate in.

YieldParrot and Reef Finance will be exchanging ideas, strategies, and hosting AMAs in their respective communities over the coming weeks, and look forward to collaborating more in the future.

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Efficiency and automation are two fundamental pillars of the platform, offering the best yield farms in DeFi, where YieldParrot takes care of optimizing the yield and compounding processes to ensure high profits and safety.


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