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The Future of GameFi

You will never believe it, we have ANOTHER exciting partnership for you 🐵

It is my pleasure to introduce you to: GameXChange! (previously Tap Project) Game X Change is a gaming platform where users can convert and transfer in-game currencies and NFTs from one platform, game or blockchain to another! These folks are bringing an exciting and new angle of GameFi to The Jungle. Their patent-pending technology will allow game developers of all kinds to implement in-game economies to their games. Whether you are into RPGs, PvP shooters, racing games, etc. these guys are going to enhance that experience! It's simple: Just Play to Earn!

The Next Generation Of Gaming

What this means is that for any given game they will enable the following:

  1. NFT Assets/Item Sales 💰
    a. NFT pre-sales to generate revenue before the project is officially launched to help with development and marketing
  2. NFT Marketplace Integration 🏦
    a. Create a marketplace where developers and users alike can buy and sell NFTs that are used in various games
  3. In-Game Token Creation 🪙
    This allows developers to create their own in-game token — or they can simply use the $EXP token
  4. Game Currency Transfer Integration 🔁
    This allows users to transfer their in-game currencies/NFTs across the network
  5. NFT Anywhere Integration 🌏
    This is the technology that allows for NFTs to be used in game across multiple networks
  6. Defi Staking 🥩
    The ability for developers to incentivize liquidity of their in-game economies via token or NFT staking

Just imagine if all of the hours you spent running back-and-forth from the Rune Essence mines in East Varrock to bank and back could have actually translated into real spendable tokens? Or if that unique set of armor you collected on Skyrim could be sold on an NFT marketplace to a player with less adventurous ambition and more tokens?

The integration and use cases for this type of tech are truly endless and the results should be pretty spectacular; we simply could not be more excited to have this exciting project entering our Jungle, the #HomeOfGameFi 🌴

The Nitty Gritty For Apes

  • $EXP will be listed on ApeSwap 🐵
  • Stake $BANANA to earn $EXP 👾
  • Stake $EXP-$BNB to earn $BANANA 🍌

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