Autofarm is Now Integrated with Avalanche!

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Good day, Autofarmers! We are excited to share that the Autofarm platform has launched on Avalanche, with the lowest fees as a yield aggregator on the market! This means even more new farms from the Avalanche ecosystem will enjoy the same compounding strategy which users have been enjoying on the other chains.

Autofarm’s integration with Avalanche makes it the fourth chain to be supported on the platform — the other three being Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Huobi ECO chain (HECO) and Polygon. Autofarm vaults have seen great success across existing supported chains, and we are thrilled to be able to share our compounding strategies with the folks over at Avalanche too.

This integration marks a significant step towards our goal of becoming the go-to cross-chain yield optimiser and DeFi platform.

New Avalanche Vaults

New vaults from Avalanche ecosystem projects will now be supported on Autofarm where users will be able to stake and earn even greater rewards. For starters, vaults from 2 established projects on Avalanche will be added to Autofarm with more in the pipeline.

Trader Joe

  • xJOE
  • JOE-USDT.e



As with other Autofarm vaults, yields will be auto-compounded at strategic time intervals while gas fees are pooled to ensure the best APYs at the lowest possible fees.

To find out how to start auto-compounding your yields on Avalanche, check out our guides here.

Coming Soon

Following our roadmap, we will also be launching the AutoSwap DEX aggregator on Avalanche where users will be able to swap tokens at the lowest slippage.

In addition, the team will also be applying for the USD$180m Avalanche Rush incentive program.

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