Resolute Biswap x TEN Collaboration | Boost of Crypto Benefits for Users!

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The DeFi space continues strengthening its position on the global market. Biswap aims to provide you with first-class utilities, so you can also expand your crypto capabilities and influence.

Welcome, Biswap x TEN collaboration that will surprise you with a powerful and easy way of enriching.

Why TEN Finance?

TEN — a yield optimizer that simplifies staking and yield farming with Binance Smart Chain Liquidity Pools. Moreover, it provides a robust yield earning environment on the market while adhering to security, sustainability, longevity, and simplicity.

You can make your crypto work with:

☑️ TEN Stake
☑️ TEN Yield (coming soon)
☑️ TEN Labs

TEN is the Token Enrichment Network, decentralized finance, simplified!


Earn Mighty with TENFI-BNB pair on Biswap Farms!

Provide liquidity TENFI-BNB Farming Pair in several clicks by adding an equal amount of TENFI & BNB tokens. Get TENFI-BNB-LP for staking and increasing your BSW assets on Biswap Farms!

Bountiful Advantages for TENFI Holders:

💸 Exchange TENFI with the lowest fee of 0.1% and up to 100% Fee Return

💸 Start staking TENFI-BNB-LP on Biswap to get free BSW as a reward

💸 Earn quickly with potent APR

Time to harvest your big yields on Biswap Farms!

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