August Round-Up

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#HotDeFiSummer Concludes 😎

It’s been another crazy month in the Jungle! From the IAO 007 with Dragonary to the launch of our Auto Compounding Burning Vaults, we could never have predicted a better end to ApeSwap’s #HotDeFiSummer. Full August recap and links below!

The Final Month

Dragonary IAO 007 — We started off the month with an absolute bang with our new GameFi partner Dragonary’s Initial Ape Offering oversubscribing by 9000% across two offerings. Tokens will vest in 25% increments over 3 months with the original price 40x’ing upon launch. Dragonary is now an official selection for MVBIII. 🐲

Auto Compounding Burning Vaults — Burning vaults are now live at for $BANANA, $TAKO, and $INKU Ape-LPs. Stake single assets and LPs to earn rewards. See the remaining launch calendar here. 🏦

NFA Auction House — Each Non-Fungible Ape is getting hotter and hotter as the NFA floor continues to rise. We’ve now had 22 auctions for a total of 673 BNB, and the Tier 1 CZ Binance Ape went for over 80 BNB! There are only 24 NFAs left before the staking pools open and users can put their own NFAs up for auction. And please don’t forget about the Tier 1 NFA Auction Challenge, the person who bids the most for a tier one in the auction house will get airdropped a second Tier 1 NFA. 🐒

1.4M+ BANANA Burned — Another huge month of burns couldn’t make ApeTastic happier, another $6.2 Million in BANANA gone forever. 🔥


33 New Trading Pairs — With too many to name we doubled our goal of bringing you 15 new trading pairs in August, bringing more high-quality projects than we ever have before. The Jungle truly can’t stop growing. 🌴

1 Million MAUs — Our MAUs on the site doubled and in turn, we passed Uniswap V3 in total active wallets this month. A 98% increase in unique active wallets led to 345,720 UAWs for the period compared to Uniswap’s 215,900. 📈

A Monke Surprise — NFBs are officially in the pipeline. 👀

10 Reddit AMAs — Our AMAs are on absolute fire with @JulianApeSwap and @TarzanApeSwap leading the charge with over nine partners. If you missed Polycrystal, REVV, NULS/Nabox/Nerve, Growth, Babylons, Lympo, or Landshare you can check them out here! 🐵

420 #MonkeMondayz Submissions — Our summer meme competition came to a close as we celebrated the final 3 rules of #HotDeFiSummer. Look out for special edition #MonkeMondayz with partners moving forward. 😂

$700M+ TVL — We crossed over $700,000,000 Million in total value locked and we’re still climbing. 💰

6 Governance Proposals — 5 core proposals were passed! Barbecue Finance graduated BUIDL, we will start utilizing DEX Fees for burning vaults, we’ll also be implementing burning pools, creating a BANANA Treasury, and increasing the token allocation on the GNANA to BANANA Pool. Don’t forget you can submit your own Governance proposal at anytime with 2,500 GNANA. 🗳

NFA Weekly Draws — We had our final 4 Saturdays of random NFA Airdrops leveraging Chainlink’s VRF! Each week 1 random NFA from each tier won $100 in $BANANA. Look out for more partnerships with Chainlink on the horizon. ⛓

The Ape TV Podcast — Chimpin Chip gave you the deep dive into partner projects Polygon, Ternoa, and Fortress. Missed an episode? Go back and catch them all on Anchor or Spotify. 🎧

250k+ Social Audience — As our audiences on Discord and Reddit doubled, and our Twitter passed 150k, we passed over a quarter million followers in aggregate across these three channels plus Telegram, Medium and Instagram. 📱

New Homepage — The new landing page that was promised is almost complete and going through some final revisions. It’s about a week out! 🗞

Until Next Time 😉

While the summer might be over, DeFi is still only truly heating up. So what’s next for ApeSwap? Well I’m glad you asked!

And with that, we move into a new age for ApeSwap. With the introduction of 📰 #WenNewsSer we’re giving you the ApeSwap promise to bring endless partnerships, functionality, and community activities to a Jungle near you, 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year!

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