Pera Boosted Trading Competitions

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Pera Finance is a DeFi platform that combines yield farming with trading competitions to create a sustainable ecosystem and incentivize network participation.

To further incentivize network participation, starting this week PERA will be distributing additional tokens on top of PERA tokens, to the Top-10 trading competition participants.

This week we decided to align our boosted trading competition announcement with Binance Smart Chains 1st anniversary. And we are distributing $10.000 worth of BNB in addition to PERA tokens for the upcoming week between September 1st and September 7th.

Here’s how the daily distribution will be:

Following weeks, we will be boosting the competition by integrating our partners’ tokens to the competition, contributing to the PERA ecosystem.

Taking this incentivized structure into the account, PERA trading volume would incrementally increase, consequently increasing the earnings of PERA LPs and holders.


To learn more about our trading competition refer to:

Soon, one-way PERA staking will be enabled and NFT integration to the ecosystem will commerce.

Stay tuned for more on our boosted trading competitions.

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