The Untold Story of Harvest — First Anniversary

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The Untold Story of Harvest — First Anniversary

The origins of Harvest, what makes it unstoppable & the outlook for the future

366 days ago Harvest was announced to the world by its creator Bread with one mission in mind: #BreadForThePeople 🥖

Just like Satoshi, Bread didn’t ask for permission from anyone to launch his project. He just went for it.

No corporate structure.

No deadlines.

No specific working hours.


No roadmap.

No meetings.

Meet Harvest, where a bunch of people around the world, aligned by the same core principles, oversee ~$500M worth of crypto deposits.

An unthinkable type of entity in traditional finance yet has been alive for a year now despite many ups and downs along the way.

Harvest goes against the rules and standards even most of the DeFi projects live by.

No corporate structure allows anyone to come and go and contribute from day one. Your job is verified by your peers and honest work is always rewarded.

No deadlines — Harvest moves at its own pace as it's being run by proactive individuals that just make things happen.

No specific working hours — Nobody is being told how long they need to work. Harvest doesn’t play by the legacy rules.

No tight roadmap — Harvest never needed one to get where it is today. Given the pace of the decentralized world, Harvest’s commune spots and implements new opportunities on the fly. The only official roadmap is its mission: #BreadForThePeople 🥖

No meetings — If you have something important to announce, just write it down and let everyone catch up at their own pace.

The Principles Harvest Lives By

Founding Principles outlined by Bread himself

Harvest began with these initial founding principles, and as Bread released the project to the hands of the community, these humble guidelines have kept the protocol focused on what matters most: community.

Harvest doesn’t care about the ups and downs of the $FARM token.

Harvest marches to the beat of its own drums.

Harvest cares about the longevity and the quality of life of the people involved.

Bread believes that by putting people first, the rest will come naturally.


Harvest is a DAO with a strong emphasis on the O.

It doesn’t have regular on-chain votings where it’s up to few influential token holders to decide where the project goes next.

Instead, Harvest’s main voting mechanism is the people who contribute on a daily basis and come to agreements via simple communication platforms.

This not only allows the commune to act faster but also eliminates the influence of individuals with deep pockets on the voting process.

Vitalik recently outlined the problems with coin voting and suggested Proof of Participation as a natural alternative.

Proof of participation: systems that attest to the fact that some account corresponds to a person that has participated in some event, passed some educational training, or performed some useful work in the ecosystem.

We agree with Vitalik, and this is how Harvest’s commune has been operating since its inception — relying on its community on a day-to-day basis to fulfill organizational needs. Voting doesn’t run businesses, people do and that’s why community is a cornerstone of Harvest.

What Makes Harvest What it is Today

It’s the people. Always has been.

Harvest’s Commune

Humble farmers around the globe ( @FabPure / @Seven_NATE_Nine / @LeoBanna666)
Harvest mods @0xYieldFarmer & @smokatokey with stani.eth
@0xYieldFarmer / @smokatokey / @JB87crypto at EthCC 4
@0xYieldFarmer with kain.eth & mariano.eth
Harvest’s creator: Bread
The place we call home

Our friends

Harvest wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for projects and organizations it collaborates with. It’s the beauty of the network effect Harvest’s commune has managed to accomplish in the last 365 days.

What our friends say about Harvest

I am really excited about the Harvest integration of Balancer V2. Harvest has done a great job at being a one-stop-shop for liquidity providers across most of DeFi asset allocation opportunities. ~Fernando Martinelli — Co-founder & CEO — Balancer Labs

It has been amazing to watch the symbiotic relationship emerge between the Bancor and Harvest communities. The $FARM pool has grown into one of the largest and highest-earning on Bancor.

Congratulations to the incredible Harvest community on one year of bleeding-edge innovation and we look forward to many more years of continued collaboration between our projects!

Nate Hindman, Head of Growth at Bancor

Harvest constantly expands its farmlands

The Future

We are explorers.

We love to sail forbidden seas.

Sometimes we get off the course.

But, ultimately, we’ll make it to the undiscovered lands and provide more #BreadForThePeople 🥖


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