New Vaults (Alpaca Finance BSC)

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New Vaults (Alpaca Finance BSC)

We have heard feedback from the community that you all wanted to see more single token vaults on the #Autofarm platform. And today, we present you with 7 new auto-compounding vaults from Alpaca Finance.

A quick TLDR on Alpaca, it is a leveraged yield farming protocol that has been heavily audited by the likes of PeckShield, CertiK, SlowMist & Inspex. On top of that, Alpaca Finance was recently announced to be among the Top 10 of the Binance Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II Program (talk about coincidence 😉).

Asides from the lowest fees that users get to enjoy in Autofarm’s compounding vault strategy, users also earn additional AUTO token rewards. The new vaults are as follows:

  • ibALPACA
  • ibBNB
  • ibBUSD
  • ibUSDT
  • ibTUSD
  • ibBTCB
  • ibETH

You can find more information about Alpaca Finance over here.

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