NEW — Aggressive ETH Pool Enters Beta

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Starting today, the aggressive vaETH pool will be available on

Vesper Finance

Aug 30 · 1 min read

The aggressive ETH pool is the latest addition to Vesper’s growing array of higher-yield pool opportunities. The vaETH pool is currently routing deposits through Alpha Homora. Users can access vaETH on the Vesperdev site.

Beyond direct-to-Alpha, the next vaETH strategy will likely be Maker-vaDAI, where ETH is used as collateral to mint DAI which is routed through the aggressive DAI pool. This is a modular strategy that can be ported to the aggressive versions of other non-stable Grow pools (WBTC, UNI, LINK).

Aggressive pools maintain the same audit standards as all Vesper products. But as an “aggressive” product, these pools adhere to lower collateralization ratios and interact with newer and more adventurous protocols.

The aggressive pools are designed for more comfortable DeFi proponents with a higher risk tolerance than some of our more conservative users. And of course, aggressive pools trend towards higher APY than conservative counterparts.

Interested in learning more about Vesper lending strategies? Want to join in on the conversation about aggressive yield sources? Head over to the DeFi Lending Strategies channel on Discord.

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