Biswap Key Metrics — Overwhelming Numbers!

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Look up! Biswap flyes higher in the firing DeFi industry! Let’s take a look at the staggering numerics which keep increasing each second!

Check out the crypto growth of the fantastic project — Biswap!

📍$637 686 242 (Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools)

📍 $4 693 372 563 Total Trading Volume

📍 $55 606 861 Trading Volume in 24 hours


📍 1 141 687 Unique Wallets Connected to Biswap

📍7 525 Unique Wallets Connected to Biswap in 24 hours

📍3 139 793 Transactions on Biswap

📍45 155 BSW Holders

📍5 756 447 BSW Transfers in the BSC Network

$1.322— the current price of BSW token

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