August Ecosystem Update

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Michael Burgess

Aug 30 · 4 min read

Welcome to the August Ecosystem Update! RenVM continues to march onward with its cross-chain expansion, adding a new L2 and gaining consistent traction in each ecosystem it expands to.

So without further ado, let’s dive into August’s highlights.

RenVM now supports Arbitrum

The Ren team is excited to add support for Arbitrum, a layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. Learn more about its public release date and more here.

RenVM joins immunefi with a $1,000,000 Bug Bounty Program!

The Ren Community takes security seriously, so excited to announce that RenVM joins @immunefi with a $1,000,000 Bug Bounty Program. Learn more here.

ICHI community brings interoperable stablecoins to DeFi

The Ren and ICHI communities have formed a strategic partnership to launch community governed stablecoins for each asset supported by RenVM! Learn more here.

Railgun Brings Private Interoperability to DeFi

Railgun Brings Private Interoperability to DeFi via RenVM. Learn more here.


Fresh new look for Ren assets!

We’ve updated the logo for all Ren-based assets. Learn more here and if you have them listed and not updated as of yet, please download them here.

RenVM Command Center Update

The Command Center is now tracking all volume on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Arbitrum! Check it out here.

Ren in DeFi

*All the various opportunities for the Ren ecosystem are collated for your convenience. This is not financial advice, as always DYOR and proceed at your own risk.

Beefy Finance x renDOGE (Polygon) 🐄
Beefy Finance $renDOGE vaults are now live on Polygon. Learn more here.

Beefy Finance x renDGB (Polygon) 🐄
Beefy Finance $renDGB vaults are now live on Polygon. Learn more here.

QuickSwap x renDOGE (Polygon) 🐉
Yield farming and trading for the $renDOGE x $ETH pair on
Quickswap is live! Learn more here.

IndexCoop x renFIL (Ethereum)🗂
A new Data Economy Index (DATA) is live and includes $renFIL. Learn more about Index Coop and the new index here.

Autofarm Network x renBTC (Polygon) 👨‍🌾
Curve LP’s on Polygon can take advantage of the yield on Auotfram. Learn more here.

Step Finance x renBTC (Solana) 🦶
renBTC and other Ren x Solana opportunities live on Step Finance, a Solana-based aggregator. Learn more here.

Abra x REN 🔮
Abra a popular Fintech app has listed $REN on their platform. Learn more here.

Varen Finance x RenVM 🐴
Big things coming out of Varen Finance, sneak peek here and here.

Ren is Hiring | Front-end Developer

The Ren team is looking for a new Front-end Developer, so if you have the skills and want to contribute to the future of finance, please apply here!

Ren Governance 🗳

Two highlights on the governance front this month:

  • The core dev team has put forward a draft proposal for how the community determines which tokens should be whitelisted for full RenVM integration. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do and comment/provide feedback for how the process could best be governed by the community.
  • The Community Ecosystem Fund (CEF) parameters will be taking shape on the Ren Forum over the coming month, so please do stay tuned for more here!

The Ren Report 💯

Great weekly overview of all the activities in the Ren Ecosystem! It’s free, subscribe here:

Daily Multichain Volume Report 💯

Daily volume reports. Subscribe here

Darknode Stats & RenVM Bots 🤖

More RenVM and Darknode Bots are now live! If you want to track real-time RenVM stats, this is your happy place.

Looking Forward

Demo | end-to-end tests for all types of cross-chain (host to host) TXs:

  1. BTC/toBinanceSmartChain and BTC/fromBinanceSmartChain
  2. BTC/toEthereum and BTC/fromEthereum
  3. ETH/toBinanceSmartChain and ETH/fromBinanceSmartChain
  4. BNB/toEthereum and BNB/fromEthereum
  5. REN/toBinanceSmartChain and REN/fromBinanceSmartChain

The cross-chain expansion continues to march forward and will only be accelerated with Host to Host support, along with the protocol continuing to decentralize. Keep up the great work fRens and stay tuned for more to come.

Onwards and upwards,
— Ren Team

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